Fragments of a dialogue

I feel a little embarrassed to be returned without result. She smiles. Knowingly? Understandingly?

"It is clear to me that you did not come to an insight and I do not care in case you assume that. It is not about to grasp things quickly or according to plan. It is a matter to understand how we understand something and what are our own personal obstacles. "

Suddenly I feel anger and a conviction emerges that everything is bad.

"Can it be that sometimes you're disappointed? You should look at the dreamer in yourself, trust him, get familiar with him and learn what you're already doing for yourself ....."


Anonymous said...

I needed these words... I needed to hear them... they were felt and spoken within my mind... with no answer, no dialogue... now it makes sense...

Ray as always... thank you

jena isle said...

I am a dreamer, and I never gave up on my dream, I hope my aspirations will not be dreams forever.

Happy blogging.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear enreal, thank you for writing that. You are welcome...All the best.

Dear jena , well I think you are on a good way... Thank you for commenting Happy Blogging