Peal of Bells

The man who mocks the failure of superiors, is like a bell that sounds in case of misfortune.

We all know the wonderful sounds of bells, built by beautiful people in order to generate wonderful feelings. The sound of the bell awakens, the sound travels far.

When in organizations execcutives mess things up and they will do it again and again because they are only human, there are always people who respond sneeringly and try to ridicule the executive. Me too, I am not free of this behaviour, sometimes I sneer at something or someone or I experience to be the target of scorn.

With these emotions I reach a lot of people very quickly. Comparable to the ringing of a bell attention is violently called to the matter. The most important matter is that it is a misfortune, and now it is called - for help ....


The Acolyte Tao said...

Where are those giant bells located at?

Jena Isle said...

It was a magnificent performance by the bells. I had always liked pealing bells. There was one children's song that was accompanied by bells somewhere in Belgium and I love the sound.

"Are you sleeping, are you sleeping...."

I forgot the rest of the lyrics.