The man who helps his neighbors without accepting thanks is like a millstone, around the neck of the donkey.

Help is fun. But to avoid creating dependencies, the balance of aid between people should be in balance. If I enjoy it to help, it should not be difficult for me to receive thank.

For the recipients it might be very, very important to feel in balance. If I only like to collect merit, without consideration, then perhaps I'm not in the balance .....


Jena Isle said...

Hi Ray,

The "give and take" principle is always useful. You can not just take and take, you have also to give now and then.

Happy blog hopping.

Mark said...

Very good, yes we must be aware of ourselves and through this awareness understand if we are in or out of balance.

zorlone said...

sometimes giving in itself brings happiness, so the "thank you" is just an added perk.