Hello You

How wonderful that you arrived here. Yes exactly you!

Take a deep breath. Put the hand on your stomach and breathe out. You feel the life?

Think of nothing. The thoughts are running through you, like a cry through the forest. Soon it is quiet.

Take a deep breath. Put the hand on your stomach and breathe out. You feel the life?

Just as it is - accept it ..... spiro = I breathe


ssgreylord said...

beautiful. what a reminder to slow down and breathe. i have that written in my bedroom as a reminder as well as in the front hall: b r e a t h e.

i loved stopping by and hearing you welcome me. thank you...

Tomas Karkalas said...

Wow, that's just magical.
Thank you.

You not only breathe freely but share the joy for the breathing with all us. That makes your posts the real sip of fresh air to all your readers.
My best wishes to you

PinkLady said...

another lovely post, Ray. yes, breathe and appreciate the beauty of life. sometimes we forget.

Bing (",)

Robin said...

Yes I feel the life - beautiful, Ray. I love the picture of the fan - thanks.

Mark said...

Yes, I know this life, this energy and the wonder of nothingness. Thanks for this thoughtful exercise.

Jena Isle said...

An exercise called the Tai-chi is similar to this movement. It is also acknowledging the gratitude that one is alive. A short but meaningful post.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Breath and mind are connected so deeply. Taking a conscious moment to truly breathe in, and slow down, opens up a new perspective on life.

Thank you for your wonderful words!

Ms. O. D. said...

Ray, Hello to you too! I smell spring coming :P

Anonymous said...

This put a huge smile on my face. Placed a deep calm on my spirit. Instilled a deep wisdom to my soul.

:) :) :)