I. Is Sex dangerous, from an esoterical point of view ?

Every now and then searching for harmless terms in the search engines result in links on sex sites. At every step and turn the media confront us with Sex and pictures of naked meat, in order to persuade us (above all the men) to buy something.

On the one hand Sex belongs naturally to our daily life, on the other hand are there any overseen dangers? Which dangers are we to find if we have a look at the esoterical sources?

If we have a look at the Tibetan Books of the Dead (books because there are more than one version), we will learn about the travel of the soul after death. The soul of humans pass through several stages of development. In shortened form and without guarantee, because for me such experiences are only known from hearsay, the soul experience from a certain point sexual imaginations. They will become more and more seized by sexual imaginations until they witness how other humans unite affectionately.

It may be an embarassing thought for someone people brought up with an puritanic education, that in intimate moments you are possibly not alone. The bodyless gazes of the souls of the deceased accompany the scene. For some Tibetans it is an convincing conception. If in the due course of action a child is fathered, the soul of the deceased is drawn into the body of the embryo - the circle of rebirth starts again.

From this a European mind can immediately derive a few dangers. To attain the freedom of the soul may depend on the degree of indifference the soul has in its relation to sexual conceptions. Those numbers might be few! Rich people must strive for to live as long as possible, because if they are reborn, then they could be reborn in a poor country. Just imagine an American president could be reborn as a black woman and steps as a child on a landmine, which were distributed so abundantly to defend the free world in the last forty years.

Risk! The price has to be paid for the fact that humans do not help each other to adapt similar living conditions all over the planet.

Purely numerically dangers: Where do the needed amounts of souls come from to satisfy rebirth, as long as the population grows in such great numbers, that is not clear me. Does the danger exist that soulless babies are born? I do not believe. But how does it work the Tibetan books of dead maintains. How do the souls and the available bodies find to one so to say thermodynamic equilibrium. That could be the birth of a new physics discipline in that the terms infinity and space-time and Sex would mathematically be linked with one another.

And if attempts in space are accomplished, with astronauts having sexual intercourse with one another, whose souls will watch in space maybe alien lifeform souls? Does a danger threaten us by Sex in the universe? Import of Alien souls in human bodies?

I am sure, some of you already considered some of these thoughts…?

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