A small mouse had slept away the day. She ran excited in its mouse hole back and forth and felt stressed.

On this day she had intended to do a lot of things. She wanted to do crucial things for their further life. she wanted to decide whether she should sally out into the world, in order to get herself a piece from the cake too. A cake, which she got to see to each day in the Cat-TV.

Cat-TV, that was a reassuring thought. The mouse sat down in front of her small television and tuned in to the programme. The flickering screen calmed her down. The sound of the television delighted her ears, which changed colour to rosy indicating the pleasure the mouse felt.
Then her favourite spot was on air. Dada - the sounds of trumpets. A small cat baby - cats are really sweet small playful balls of wool - the cat baby ran around an enormous cheese cake, which was decorated with bacon figures. Be a courageous mouse. Go and get your piece of the tasty cake.

Then a beautiful mouse was to be seen, well fed, with shining black eyes and marvelously shining skin. The mouse would have looked gladly in such a way, but the lack of nutrition during the last days had contributed to a shaggy and faint appearance.

Never mind! Now or never. The mouse started to run, so fast and violently, that the television shook and turned-off automatically.

She flew out of the small mouse hole. A marvelous cheese smell filled her small nose. She kept track of the smell filled with high expectations . Then she was struck down by fate.

Cookie, the tomcat switched the bacon cake smell donor off, a product of the Liar Ltd. . Satisfied he chewed on the mouse, which had fallen prey to him. This television commercial is best practise, cookie thought, the time of broadcast could be still a little more synchronized with the time of lunch , but nobody is perfect….

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Enreal said...

What a wonderful story... the symbolism is beautiful and clever, I can only imagine the inspiration...