“Why don't worry humans over each other. Why is there as much indifference in view of so many terrible messages, which are daily on TV. Why? “
The master was silent. Together the master and its pupil sat on the Veranda and looked up into the clear cloudless night sky.

After a while the master cleared his throat and asked his pupil. “What kind of messages would be there, if there were no human beings on the globe?”

“Now, that is simple. No disaster, no killed persons, no force. Only the natural force ", the pupil said hesitating.

The master was silent. He was silent for so long a moment that the pupil was annoyed. “Why do you ask, if you do not provide any answer?”

“Now, it makes little difference, what I have to say to it. The more difference it makes, what you think, how the world without humans would be. “

“I don't understand", said the pupil.

“Now, in a world without humans, death still exists. There are natural catastrophes, there are victims. There are animals who are solidary to each other. There are lonely natures, which do not even recognize their kind, even if they met them. All this exists, there is such a range of lifeforms which will prove you wrong, when you try to state a universal truth. - Except that life wants to escape from death. “

The pupil shook his head. “However, why people build hospitals, why did medicine progress. These progresses are deeds of humans for humans, because they are sympathetic “

“….because they cheat death", the master replied. “Because everyone has a higher probability to get of age, if we all are well supplied, instead of epidemics going around. If the day is finished, only one fact counts, I survived. And if it is simpler to survive, if all humans support health service, then I vote for it. But that is my opinion. Your opinion is the essential for you. “

“You mean, it should leave me coldly if people do not care for each other? “

“No, you should take your feelings seriously. But you can't change the way other people feel like. But if you can demonstrate, how you can survive better in your way, then you have at least the attention of all those, who look death close in the eye. “

“But if the lethargy of my neighbours lessens my chances of surviving, am i not allowed to be touched? “, the pupil asked.

The master nodded, “if your surviving chances are in question, it touches you.”

They were silent. Then pupil shouted.

“I cannot live like this, allegedly learning knowledge, and without sympathy for others.”

The master looked its pupil on and poured a tear.

“Why do you cry? ”, the pupil asked surprised.

“Because I alone am. Because I will perhaps die, before you understand that you have only one body, which feels and which is maximal at freedom, if you leave to the world their will and strengthen and find yours, in order to survive. “

“I understand, if perhaps I give an example to others that I'll be better off to care then others will follow the example. “

“Perhaps. “

How is your opinion?

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Liara Covert said...

Every being evolves to believe lonliness and death do not exist. You can choose to believe in immortality of the soul. Discern a perpetual learning curve that you experience while your spirit takes on different forms. People explore diverse emotions to deepen their sense of points of reference. What are yours?