Be Vigilant!

There are things in everyday life, which occupy the people. Things like dying relatives. And are we able to explain the meaning? When a man beats up his wife or his children. And- are we able to explain the meaning?

Yes, because there is a person, a wrongdoer, I may ask for his motives. They can be expressed, he can perhaps say, "I like to beat women and children up because I like to behave like a pig." Or he can say, "They have provoked me."

"I was in self-defense when I gave them a bloody nose."

No matter what is said and how it is said. I am not helpless before the phenomenon of violence. I can explore.

Death, however, what should be the research? Day to day I try to avoid my death:

* When I wash my hands,
* I look around before I cross the road,
* Or by being careful, in dealing with dangerous goods.

I do this because I have learned, that there are causes of death. If I avoid these known causes of death then my life is safe. Is that so?

Sports is good for your health. Athletes fatal accident brings up 51 600 entries on Google.

Good nutrition is good for the health, food poisoning from vegetables brings 346 000 hits on Google.

I can reduce the risk, in taking care of known causes of death or death traps. But there is my personal death, and he has a mission. He will ambush me when I do not expect it. that is one reason why people at all times searched for a way how the soul, how our mind, how we could meet the challenge of a sudden unplanned death.

Do we have the power within us to preserve the flame of life? That is, in my view, an esoteric question, and we must try to answer this implementable. I am used to dress warm in winter, in order to avoid a cold. Why I am not accustomed to do something with the force of my soul and my spirit against my death?

Herd instinct? Because it is silly to pose such questions?

I have looked in the eyes of people who were bound to die and they would have tried every chance which might be giving them more time on earth.

- I think sometimes of them.

And gives me a strong motivation, to use every moment to keep one step ahead of my death. Sure!

The reason why I do not notice death if he knocks at my door in daily life, when he examines my strength, when he is trying to find the loophole. The reason is i am caught by my conviction, I already knew everything. If I die, then I came into this situation by my own power advised by myself. I appeared at a certain time at a certain place, where living conditions proved lethal.

Therefore, I would like to recommend me a little exercise, I would like to call vigilance.

Vigilance shall join me me with the keeper of life in my mind.
No matter whether I am in a tram, in a meeting, on the front passenger seat of a car or shopping. Vigilance, could be practiced anywhere.

I relax for a moment and imagine me, looking at myself from outside my body. How do I feel as I watch. Is everything okay?

Everything is fine. The exercise is over.

If something is not right, e. g. I feel uncomfortable, I immediately call the keeper of life. The Guardian is created by imagining a sun rising inside me.
I associate the feeling of the sun with the perceived unsettling feeling. My mood -from the outside view - is now changing for the better. I follow my inspirations springing of the new found well-being and comfort.

This exercise could not replace the advise of a physician if I am ill. I see about it a medic. From my perspective, it is worth while to establish as early as possible a relationship with the keeper of life. I should learn to hear him.

Many people make this exercise in their own way, by talking to God, by speaking to a loved one in the spirit, by feeling internally the nature. For each esoteric insight, there are more than a thousand ways and faces. The keeper of life is only one way, only one face.

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