Mistake of the Patriarchy

A mistake of the patriarchy is the assumption that women are weakened when they take not the center stage. It denies women in practice access to offices. The patriarchy believes that men are stronger because men are usually centered.

The opposite of these assumptions is true. Men have never really managed to oppress women, except by brute force. And facing the oppressive power of the aristocracy the bourgeois revolution already knew to say, "The thoughts are free ..."

The reason for the failure: In order to suppress a woman, men need to know what is the meaning of women what is important to them and how do they work. None of this is known by the patriarchy. Women remains a mystery to them. The patriarchy knows possession, the impact of women on men, regarding their stimulating effect on men.

They do not know a woman needs not to be in the center because they are a center.

They do not know that women don't belong to anybody, because women give life. Who gives life and releases their children later to freedom will dismiss the idea that any man may be owned by someone else. A life pledge is not one of the usual inner values of women.

If Women behave according to men's ideas, then it will be because it is easier for women to deal with men. But if women won't belong to anyone in their interior if they take their place in patriarchy like actors and if they will find out that they could be the centers if they explore their inner capabilities ...
Does it not mean, that women wait patiently for millennia that men put down their weapons and learn how to deal with each other giving life?

Men - soon it will be Christmas, why won't we start in the new year understanding why women wait on us and us not seeing it? Maybe because men take the social order built by men still too much seriously?

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