Secrets: Who is the mysterious man?

The mysterious man is drawn to secrets like a bear is drawn to honey. In his world, there are many secrets and he often thinks no one know him as he really is. In other words, the biggest secret in the lives of others, that's him.

With a simple question to ourselves, we always find out what the mysterious man hides. To what do I feel to be prompted in the presence of this man? Soon I notice that there is an urge. The source of this urge to do things is the mysterious man. His way of communication is full of appeal. Who wants to know more about the different aspects of communications, for example, read: ( currently only in German language)

Right in the early childhood the mysterious man develops a mask. As a child he gets in situations where his parents, his friends or his environment do not believe him. This is because of character imprint: He handles no facts, he manipulates intentions.

An example: Most people take being cheeky for being disrespectful. A disrespect can't be changed to a compliment by the intention the speaker has.

Small mysterious boys do exactly that. They are talking about their intentions and that they did not mean their insults. They flog a dead horse. Nobody believes in such things, and so these children feel rejected by the disbelief of their environment. They are looking for a way out.

The environment can not read their minds. The thoughts are free. Thus, they design themselves a nice mask, they present their new ego and find out, that people believe in their mask. The secret is born, and the conviction that no one can look behind their mask. The real secret nobody knows. And finally they forget themselves and lead the life of the mask. The mask is usually a very nice dear sympathetic person, as such a person has the maximum leeway. People all around them trust and love nice fellows.

Mysterious men designing structures, which they explain to their fellow people as the natural order of the World. They are religious men, lawyers, they inhabit post in economic management. In all these occupations, they have plenty of opportunities, to explain the World others with their structures. The communication for example as Supervisor allows the extensive use of the appeal. I want you to do this, do that!

Inside their designed structures all people have fixed seats. The structure has always imbalances in the distribution of work and income for the mysterious men. Their motto: I deserve more because I create structures which means: they evaluate the work of fellow worker low. Besides, who is creating a structure can always make an exception to the structure quickly. So they never keep to the rules, while they they loudly demand from others to stick to them. If a mysterious man is detected having infringed rules, he will maintain, I did not intend so, it was not meant.

If a man is mainly occupied with intentions and decisions, he has a planning focus in his life. He is a theorizer. This typical imprint the mysterious men perceive as a weakness. They would be happy to be great men of action, tough guys. They envy people who can implement and search their vicinity.

Because they hide their true motives, which are not compatible with their Mr. Nice-Guy image, the mysterious man tends to loose himself in his interior. He plans without talking about to others and that is the reason why his plans are often unsound.

In the presence of mysterious men you should know what you want, otherwise they use you for their plans. You should always ask the question, to what kind of business do I feel prompted?

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