Top Ten Love Blocker, The Hurting of Feelings

This text relates to collecting energy.

If a person is happy and pleased, then the performance of everyday life tasks is easy. Light hearted and lively I work while the time flies by in a flash. The immune system works better compared to times when I am depressed and sad. If I feel well, then I am attractive for other people. People seek my company, because feeling well is contagious. When I meditate, then I get a feeling that all the living creatures are filled with love.

Many people detach from this knowledge, because we need other values in the day-to-day handling. Suddenly, competition is needed, to fight each other in order to have more than the other person. And there are many people for whom it is the easy way to hurt feelings. If I hurt without reason the feelings of a human being, then I don't respect these people. My ego is so grown, I heed myself so important that I think my neighbour must be made small. He is not on my level, I will show him his real place - under me.

What does this mean for my energy budget? I turn my negative energy on the interior to the image of a person to fight, which only exists in me. While I think I fight with an opponent, I only fight with me and violate my inner worlds. I can do this as long as I want to. The damage don within me is the price I pay for it.

Maybe I will fall ill, perhaps people turn their backs on me, because I do not offer them what they want, maybe nothing will happen, because I have had enough love gathered inside me to keep me healthy. The point is I will hurt myself, if I hurt other.

What if someone tries to hurt my feelings? Well, first of all, he doesn't knows me. He wants to hurt the idea of me within him. In such a case, I can protect myself, in which I do not allow the the negative feelings to become important for me. We are dust on each other's roads.

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