Are you bored?

Boredom is a feeling not enough appreciated in everyday life. Many people are tormented during their free time, and ask themselves what they possibly could do? What they might like. Only few people explore the feeling of boredom. There is a standard explanation for boredom which is automatically applied in everyday life.
I am bored because I did not do the right thing, I am not with the right people at the right time and the right place.

Sometimes Urban people find the image of a village or a rural idyll boring, because they would not know what they could do there.

I maintain all the feelings have a meaning, and according to their meaning we have to deal with them. I maintain the meaning of boredom, it is not a deprivation or being at the wrong place time at the wrong time.

If I am bored for example, I think for a moment and consider the feeling. Very quickly, I feel a calm spot. I feel to have arrived at a kind of obstacle for my inner flow, I can give no name to.
If I continue to dig deeper into the feeling, I find a picture, in which I carry a thing in the hands.

Other people find other images. They wear a hat, or perhaps they are at a conspicuous place. What we all share is that the attention of our body is occupied with a kind of daydream. I realize, this occupation and the associated rest is a cause of the boredom.
If I continue dealing with the subject I have in the hands in this daydream, then, I quickly find it to be a daydream within a daydream. In my hands is a daydream, which unfolds to a new dimension and clarity, if i direct my attention on him. I dream in this dream of meeting a friend of the past, I lost contact to, and with whom I would like to spend a little time.

Because I interprete my boredom correctly - as an indication of a hidden dream, I can search for the content of my dream. I am aware of what I want to do. I have acted according the meaning of the feeling boredom and now I have the chance to lead a more intense, more fulfilling life, by turning this dream in reality.

But wait - interfering feelings emerge. This dream is not easy to achieve, because there is an internal enemy. The picture of a aquaintance appears, not wanting me to get in contact with the people from my past. There is a conflict between my dream and my inner image of the opponent
This may suffice as an example. We are surrounded by people who review our behaviuor. This is good and this is wrong. Thus, Many desires, impulses and dreams we forget, we give them up, because we believe them to be wrong, because other people think they are wrong. This can become a habit in everyday life, that we do not recognize when we forget wishes for the benefit of advertising, government, work, friends and family.

My forgotten dreams, therefore I take care of them like old friends. I like them and let them space, to be as they are. Let's see what happens?

If I no longer do what I dream of, then boredom spreads out and life gets stale and empty, no matter how many pleasing products I consume .

Boredom can lead us to our forgotten dreams. If we manage the conflict we find ourselves again. Our life will be more powerful and rich - maybe fuller of conflict too. Try it out once the next time you feel bored.


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