How you could ask providence, an example

Then he went into the church nearby to attend early
mass, more as a gallant habit of remembrance habit
than devotion, because his thoughts were entirely -
dedicated to Anna and although well meant they were
not sacred. Whether he should marry,
whether she wanted him, whether she was not too young,
whether he agrees with it, if he just should offer his hand,
whether he should carefully wait,
buzzed him in the head around that he would not rely on
his own council, but decided to ask providence by a coin.
He took one coin for the offertory box from his bag. Since
he was a child he was accustomed in doubtful cases -
to threw a coin in the air, minted with a cross on one
side, caught it in the flat hand, and was the called sacred
sideup, the sky approved his intent.
Too, this time, he received three times the cross -
so there was no doubt that he had to ask for Anna's
hand in marriage soon. He bravely went home, armed,
and let Anna stuck a wreath on his lance, then he rode
accompanied by a rented servant to the winmarket....


Source: Arnim: Die Kronenwächter. First band. P. 631

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