Loneliness happens, unchosen or unwished.

Our modern society brings to many people loneliness. Loneliness in old age. The spouse has died and the survivor isn't used to look for new partners successfully. "

Shift work, overtime, social isolation and…

An intact family life does not guarante a fulfilling human contact, because relatives can make the life very difficult with competition and envy and even in a marriage partners may feel lonely.

Loneliness is a topic, and when it becomes a personal problem, if I suffer from loneliness, what can be done?

In the esoteric, there are people who search the solitude to be in the mood for the conversation with God, in order to open the door for visions and insights. This means that in the solitude there is a source of power. If I had a choice, to suffer from loneliness, or to grow from loneliness, what would I choose?
Why does loneliness hurt?

People form groups because they have advantages. Groups offer protection. The banishment shows that wich threat is connected to loneliness. In education, while people mob others, in power games, there is always the possibility exclude humans and give them the feeling to be alone. "If you see 100 death cabs, don't you think, you should be critically examine your point of view? All say… All… think. "

Apart from the point of view of the threat to be thrown out of community, there is also the question of the meaning of life. I live day by day, one day is like the others, when is my punishment finally coming to an end, why do I always continue to - what? If I am not useful for others, why do I live?

In other words, people feel vulnerable and doubt the sense of their existence, when they are alone. And that is normal. Men do sometimes have difficulties to accept feelings of weakness, but if I am alone, I am allowed to have these feelings.

The Constant companion

When you travel into the interior you are never alone. You wander in images, landscapes and encounter creatures. Among the creatures of the inner worlds, there are also companions. You need not be afraid of these fellows. They are alive, and they have their own lives. Let's say you write a book. This book is populated by characters who love to pursue nonsense or perform a drama. Never mind waht they do, they are creatures of your inner worlds. If you watch them first and wirte then down, waht you observed and if the story pleased you, you will almost certainly have created a story that pleases others humen beings too. What helps me, will help others too. If it makes sense for me, it will make sense for other human beings too. I already have a sense found for my life. One sense of us humans is, to find meanings for us, and with this meaning we can inspire our friends, our neighbours.

When you finish writing your book, you will dismissed your work in freedom. Your child become of age, now it will plays with other people, and you will be surprised how much joy and unknown messages other people will find in your book, which you yourself never thought of. By that I mean the inner world lives. It is full of unwritten works, uncarved sculptures, unfinished ideas and the lonely among us, to them it is given to walk amongst them.

If you are a lonely person, and you can not solve this proplem at the moment, then search your inner companions. For one the companion means to work on a book, and the other is accompanied by a wolf from his dreams, the third speaks to God in silent prayer. The companion of which I speak is our other self, our mirror. He insists not, and we lose touch with him at a very young age, even though the other self always accompanies us and respect us. Get your other self to alleviate their loneliness. Watch your life. The other self is very imaginative, as how to talk to you. It sends incursions, it perforates the wall of denial and it occupies you with a path of heart.

Your self is different from the solitude. But the other self forces you not, and you can not force your inner self. It is gently, like a shadow and coercion is a foreign word for the other self. But if tyou invite it, and if you notice the tender signs, then the other self leads leads you on a silk thread through the labyrinth of solitude to a senseful life.


Tomas Karkalas said...

Questions are serious and deep. I was happy to put your link on "Colourrain" blogroll. I don't say I will return back here soon - I remain here for not to stumble in a rush.
I would greatly appreciate your feedback on my artwork. Just click any of my links. My pictures are awaiting for you on all four my blogs.
Thank you for your remarks.

John W. Malenda said...

You can never be lonely when you walk with a dog.

Your postings are very interesting.
They make one think and to think is to be,

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello John,

you surely have your feets on the ground. I like your short sentences, that carry a friendly message, short and crisp.