The Mists of Avalon

There is an island, Avalon, which removes steadily from the people in course of time. On this island the old knowledge lives and fewer and fewer people still know the way to get there.

I find this image beautiful. It coincides with life experience. The loss of childhood, a world which moves away becoming less tangible.

The loss of knowledge through the vanishing of old cultures. 'Modern' people pressing anywhere on the planet other people in their way of life, and so with the disappearing languages the spoken traditions are lost.

The human beings bear an spiritual island in themselves, which becomes more difficult to reach and is, in my view, hidden in a fog. Avalon is not only out there in the world, Avalon is in us and we can reach it, with a trip to the interior of our soul.

Some people on a spiritual journey experience due to the the exhaustions of the trip just that, freed from the routines of daily life, open to a new experience, in line with the world around them, they penetrate the fog and enter inside Avalon. This is an unforgettable moment and changes the life of the traveller. He is located at the gate of an awareness state, which is accessible to all of us, if we practice the travel. We can bring with us knowledge from Avalon. Knowledge of cure, concrete solutions, such as dealing with people, hints on events in the future and more...

Why backs Avalon away from us modern humans? Now, our way of life contains elements making the internal travel difficult. I would like to present a small list, the seven main causes for the increasing distance to Avalon:

1st Agitation and strife

The professional life brings us dates, which must be held. That is not easy. With the unrest and agitation we remove ourselves from the relaxation that the mind needs to wander. If the view into the interior is compared to the view on the surface of a lake, then the agitation and strife generates waves on the lake. In order to see, we need a calm surface.

2nd Obsession

Some things attracts us. We are addicted to games, alcohol, money, possessions, collecting passions. Every intense desire binds our attention, and so the spirit is no longer free to wander. He returns again and again to the object of desire. An obsession keeps us from the look in the surface of the lake. We only look at one thing.

3rd Ambition

If I achieve a lot, then my energies are very focused. The effect is similar to the obsession, but that the ambition could focus on the travel to the inner worlds. The journey to inner worlds knows no compulsion. If I want to force something, I will cause the opposite. The rapidly inwards traveller goes a much longer way, because what he is looking for in front of him gives ground.

4th Eternal life wish

Who lives forever has not the feeling of importance. Any mistake can be made-up and nothing is final. Avalon is a final world in which people can die, as in everyday life. More than that in the country of knowledge the knowledge of one's own death is present. Whoever denies death, will not reach Avalon on his own.

5th Not to love

The journey into the interior is a way of love. The less love a person feels, the less he can penetrate deeply into the interior. Love paves the way.

6th Routines

Routines here are meant to be perceiving routines. If I believe that plants can not talk, then I am not open to talk to them, even if it would be possible. Are you a person of routine, then break through your routines. Talk to your favorite plant now and then. But, no secrets. There are chatty plants.

7th Illness

A disease can be an additional obstacle for the spirit to flow freely. Our attention will be distracted by pain. Here, the traveler must learn to compensate for mental pain.

Whenever we take care of the seven points in our daily attention, Avalon comes closer to us from the fog.


Chus said...

I think that Avalon is always there, a prove is that when whe look for it, it always appears and lets us in. Its us that sometimes forget or reject its presence. We think that avoiding a look inside will make things easier, more comfortable...

I always remember a book by Huxley "The perfect world". Nowadays we search what everybody, as sheep, call perfection.

Ray Gratzner said...

Thank you chus for your thoughtful words. I support your point of view.

I read perfect world in school and was deeply impressed by the message.

Tania said...

This is an absolutely beautiful post. How wonderful would the world be if everyone "remembered" that everything is within.

Ray Gratzner said...

Thank you tania for your fine feedback.