Tonight the heating failed. While the temperature was falling in the apartment, I sat with a heater in the living room, the last warm island. And so I had a topic for my post.

I know that warmth is important for my health and my well-being. But what is human warmth. In my opinion, esoteric energy is collected in everyday life. In everyday life, the burden of work is all too often put on the shoulders of women who thus unintentionally become experts in the collection of energy. You know because men are often to lazy to learn in everyday contexts the result is that women often command vast superior esoteric knowledge compared to a man.

The champion of the warmth is the sun-women.

In our culture, we welcome each other by shaking hands. The brief contact of skin to skin, means human warmth. If we give people our hand, if we experience a human touch, then in our souls warmth is produced.

The meaning of shaking hands is enjoying warmth and closeness. Men often are not able to benefit from this aspect of shaking hands, by pressing the hand as hard as possible. A solid hard handshake transports more coldness than warmth and while strength passes over the years, warmth will accompany us for a lifetime.

If we were all fish in the pool of life, then we warm the water for all a little bit, if we are aware of people when we shake hands warmly. Nice to meet you. Nice you are here.


Tania said...

This is a beautiful post! Thank you. If only more people would realize the importance of touch and kindness. Imagine if everyone shone as the sun!

Mark said...

Interesting thoughts on shaking hands. I agree the power of touch and human warmth is huge.
I do not agree with your generalization of men being lazy and that women bear the heavier burdern of life.

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello Tania, you propose a wonderful image. Thank you.

Ray Gratzner said...

Thank you mark for commenting. I should avoid generalizations, they often prove to be wrong.
I wanted to express, that there is a trend, tha women have to work more in housekeeping than men. Many techniques to collect energy are related to value every single moment, never mind if it is housekeeping or shopping or...