Award Received From Wholeliving

I received two fine looking awards! Due to the kindness of Tania, wholeliving who owns a wonderful blog. I am happy.

I would like to pass these awards on to the following bloggers: Liara at Dreambuilders, Kebelle at Spiritual Page, Anuradha at Wonders of Meditation, megk5150 at Mental Health Blog.

German Blogs:

Gaba at Mach das Beste aus Deinem Leben, Jürgen at Leben Lernen Lieben, Dori at Chakra Balance Blog.


Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Thanks Ray...so kind of you to think of me. I am really touched. Thanks again.

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello anuradha, you are welcome and your blog is woth wile reading.

Gabaretha said...

Dear Ray,
thanks a lot.
This is the first time for me, winning an award. Because of this and because I appreciate your way of thinking this is very meaningful to me. Thank you.
Better and better,

Anonymous said...

Dear Ray,
I thank you very much - deep from my heart - for passing on this award to me.
I send you lots of sunshine from the very nice and peaceful Northsea Island "Föhr" and I look forward to "seeing you again" very soon.
Sunny greetings,

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear Dori,

nice of you to comment while you are at the seaside. Hope you have a sunny stay.