Humans Love Their Image In The World

One of four ways, we humans follow in life, is to look for our own image in the world and to love it. What does that mean?

If I succeed in creating a map of the world, my soul relaxes. My attention is freed, and I feel another command dormant in me. A second order my soul wants to follow.

I should go out into the world and I want to rediscover myself:

* In things, I build,

* In deeds, which will be done,

* In songs, that I compose

* In the communities I join,

* In children, whom I give life.

I will begin to leave an individual track in life behind. I want to leave witnesses that I have lived, want that people recognize me. So far so good.

The tragedy of the command, which I carry in my interior is, it is not safe. This command can stumble, caught in the course of life and its meaning changes and suddenly it says no longer go out into the world to love your image, it is perhaps:

  • If I don't find myself in the World, then the world shall perish. If I can't get the world, then nobody should have her.
  • If the world is not how I look, then it must be destroyed. Isn't there a world full of people who are out of place according to a particular ideological ideal?
  • If I fail with my projects, then I do not want to live in this world. Would I not better be dead?
  • If I can not go into the world, then I am unlovable.
The early stumbling block is the lack of knowledge about equality. If I feel superior or feel inferior the command changes its meaning. To go into the world and find one's image that one can love might become a crusade or gauntlet of a lifetime.

A protection against this aberration provides - it sounds so easy - love. If we know that we are our image in the world that we meet. When we love it, no matter in what form, we may encounter it, how could we feel inferior or superior to ourselves? The love emotionally paves the ground to realize this, because love connects us with the goal of this search.

As we are looking exterior, we find ourselves inside, and vice versa. The Compass on this way is love.

What happened to you? Have you perhaps experienced such a search in yourself? Can we love our image in the world if it were ugly or angry?

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