Love III

But not only the accumulation of wealth can be a problem if one is looking for the kind of love that
paves the spiritual way. Indulgence in simple ways like to enjoy the love of eating or drinking is not the love, that make our soul walk. The love of physical pleasure is not comparable to the physical love to another human because it focuses on the objects of the physical world.

There it is just at the right place. Good food, experiencing sensual pleasures strengthens the body and the well-being and keep the attention bound. In particular, indulgence can be joined by greed or guilt, or blaming oneself and and and. The thing to remember is that the love for the material benefit keeps our attention prisoner in the material world, so that this love is not meant when we speak about the spiritual journey.

In order to meditate or undergoing the mystical experience the practitioner should be full his digestive should be imperceptibly, so no food-filled stomach or hungry notions of food and beverage should disrupt the concentration.

to be continued:


A.V.C. said...

There is no way for Reason to understand or explain Love.

Your quest will lead you back to square one, but that is an important achievment in itself.

Reason separates. Love unites.

- The lovers were separated for the sake of Unity.

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello a.v.c. you own a lot of wisdom as your words show. Thank your for adding your comment