Love IV

After all these examples of what love is not seen from the view of a spiritual journey, the weakness of the word love becomes clear. Love is a word and the history behind this word shows that in previous times it was used with different meanings, as we now attach to it. Who would think today that at the time of the courtly love people assumed that love between spouses didn't occur, but love did exist in the worship of a noble maid?

And how should we imagine the same love, if we read texts which are thousands of years old. How many changes did the meaning of the words undergo. The words are changing. The human body and his soul remains unchanged. We are called to physically rediscover in every generation the knowledge and pass it along our language.

Exercise: I am sitting. It is quiet and I am undisturbed. I imagine that from my inside depth love penetrates to the outside. A constant flow which swells and ebbs away from time to time. Love is like a nuclear radiation and I can't see the core. It flows through me globular and runs through the body to the surface to a small lake, who miraculously is never overflowing and never drying up. This love is the first part of the spiritual love, which I will need to travel.

to be continued.


Anonymous said...

The evolution of language makes meaning evolves too throughout time. To love and to make love are twoo different things, they have different meanings too. Thanks for your insights.

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello kebelle, thank you for commenting and visiting.