Love V

Today, we make our first short journey with the power of love. We return to our idea of the lake of love, which we found in the exercise yesterday. Now we chose a target, where we want to stay. Depending on the experience and practice, I recommend to the beginner, to travel to himself.

I imagine my goal in the reflecting surface of the lake and dive into the picture. I see myself, my image and dive. As I do it, I see myself as a weeping child. I am in a pushchair. I am alone. My mother took me in the small bower. Then she went outside to work in the garden. I feel abandoned. I have pity on the crying Ray, I allow him to go outside. Happy he walks to his mother. He can feel her. He feels that she brought him into the bower, because she fears that he gets a cold. She didn't wanted to get rid of him. She was worried.

Slowly, I return to the starting point.

Then I go back into everyday life. Every journey, no matter how big or small it is, the traveler has to return to the starting point. I feel liberated and loved.

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