What if Hitler still lived...?

If Hitler were still alive, then our lives (in Germany) would be significantly different. There would be a probability of persecution, Hitler would every day lure us to to pursue minorities or to be counted to minorities ourselves.

Hitler would use his apparatus to delude us, telling us that the origin of the people is the reason decides whether they are inferior or superior. He would agitate us against foreigners. He would demand of us to denounce neighbors, parents and friends - to notify the Gestapo.

In Jonestown, where a spectacular mass(suicide) murder in history ocurred, cult members were invited to report every person that wanted to leave Jonestown. This is just one example that tyrants over life and death grow quickly again when one is gone. But even on a small scale, there are tyrants, that threat people with death, think of the phenomenon of aggressive stalker.

If Hitler was still alive .. I am not sure, but I think I would leave the country soon. Like many Germans who like to travel, I can imagine to live in other countries. On Chakrablog you can read today of someone who will be living in Chile during the winter.

I have observed repeatedly that at certain points in my life of a voice occurs in my mind. The voice is clear and almost uninvolved, it always brings a message that it is now time to do.. . The feeling for this moment is so unique that I can tell this voice eysily apart from other thoughts or impulses. I always followed her and she took me on the right path until today. Whether this voice would advise me to go? I do not know.

I have not sought after, but a confrontation with the Hitler period from esoteric perspective, I have not found yet.
What strategy would an esoteric seekers apply in such a world. What does the esoteric knowledge recommend in dealing with the tyrants who possess the authority over life and death in itself considered. What strategy would you choose?

Tyrannus fortificatus

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johnmalenda said...

However, if Hitler still lived it would imply that Germany would now control most of the world. Hitler would have achieved his goal and there would be no need for further persecution as there would no longer be any Jews.
There would be no middle eastern problem because there would be no Israel.
Germany would control all the middle eastern oil and Islam would have been crushed.
You would not live in fear because there would be no possible way or reason to subvert the Fuhrer's cause. His paranoia would have ended.

Of course, that is only one possibility.