What Is Love?

About love there is much talk in esotericism. It has a central importance for the accumulating of strength in everyday life. And yet love is not a word that I like to use, as long as I am not aware of what kind of love I am talking about.

The word love is applied of so many people in different meanings. There will be so many people with different expectations, that it makes sense to ask first, what is not love?

Physical love is not part of the love with the power to collect the strength needed for the journey. The meaning of physical love is life-giving.

There is a Consensus that giving life should happen between people who love each other. But no one can guarantee that the love will linger on, and so many children are brought up in vitriolic loveless relationships - circumstances a loving heart could not tolerate.

In other words, a love founded on physical love would be too unstable to be the starting point of an esoteric journey of love. We need reliable forces, and therefore I exclude physical love from the scope of love examined here.

to be continued.

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