Brave ?

"Are you brave?"

I hate it when he asks something like that. If I say yes, then anything will happen that will make me shudder. If I say no, I die of curiosity because he won't tell me, as long as I do not ask for it. My decision, my risk.

"Why?" Time gained.

"What I would like to show you is for courageous people."

"I am not a coward."

"Well, we will take that answer as Yes. You can come along."

We go outside through the front door.

"Outside there is a predator. Eats people."

I look around me, in all the innocent landscape is not a living creature to see. "Well, where then? I see nothing."

"I can not point toward it now. We take a little stroll, it will wet the predator's appetite and he will come to get us. If it is hungry, it will have to make a choice between you or me."

"What's the benefit that we serve someone as appetizers running around before his nose?"

He scratches his head and starts several times in a row as if he wanted to say something. It looks like he is gasping for breath like a fish at land. Then he finally says, "I don't know", and we go. I follow him. He is crazy I think, nuts, and yet I sometimes find myself in the process that I am looking around. Is there something that follows us?

"The evolution is well done. Predators have a fine nose. If they smell fear it has the same meaning as if we were in a country hostel while the bell rings for dinner."

"I have no fear", and that is not a lie, because I honestly do not believe in predators.

We go for a while and finally sit down on a dead fallen over tree. He smiles at me relaxed.

"This spot the predator prefers. We are served, so to speak."

"Who is it?"

"He smiles. Some million years ago evolution had to decide whether humans should exist or not. Humans are very special creatures. They can reflect on themselves. They can find out why things happen inside them. You are inwardly reflective coated. We look all the time into a mirror of our own, but the mirror is just a mirror, not more. "

Before us a beautiful sunset begins while on a meadow in sight a hunter climbs a stance.

"There is your carnivore. He has no hunger. He needs not to kill for surviving, he kills in order to experience the death of other living creatures."

"Ha ha," I say triumphantly. "As if! Predators huh?"

"Do not be happy too early. Over there he may look bad. And there," he points to the forest edge, where a few deers are looking, "I have recently been a bit feeding." He points to food that is not close to us is placed.

"Do you think he can tell us apart from the deer?"

"Certainly - I hope, at least."

"Well, back to the point, what I want to say with the situation here is, people can use their mirrors, they do it often, but not because they are predators, and thus we are back in the decision of evolution. Evolution had to decide whether humans would be predator or a herbivore. Well a seat on the stance or on the lawn. Evolution chose the predator. And evolution will only know whether the choice was a wise one, if humans use the mirror for their predator nature. "

The deer are courageous and dare to go a little bit out of the thicket, determined to come into our direction to the food.

"Well, let's go."

He stands up. Automatically I follow his example, but somehow I wait for a bang.

"Do not worry, this is a hunting ground border. Over there he would love to lure the deer over the border. On this side the deer and we are still safe. " He grins satisfied.

"What happens if the people examine their natural predator in the inner mirror."

"They are free of having to be a predator, they become something else, new to what the evolution expected of us, because I do not believe that the earth has been given to us, to dominate her. I think we are assigned to earth as a kind of reader with the task to love her, to tell her stories and ... "

"And ..."

"He sighed, to protect her live, because the earth lives."


Swahilya Shambhavi said...

Herbivore or carnivore
It is ourselves
Looking into a mirror

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear swahilya, I agree with you. Thank you for commenting.