Crack-Brained Cow

"You want to experience strong feelings? Wait, I will tell you how you can find a strong feeling."

"Yes, how?"

"Some people are like the cars in front of a wall. They start the engine and hope that the wall gets out of the way and they let the engine run and run until the tank is empty. Other people of this variety accelerate and drive the car against the wall and hope that the car is stronger than the wall. They end up with a car body damage and even if the wall would fall over now, they would never get anywhere with the broken car. "

"And some people own nothing in life. They do not have a car, do not really understand the meaning of walls, and they do not need to wait. They are in no hurry. These people succeed always in climbing over the wall. It is a strong feeling to watch someone while he lightly gets over a wall and a million cars waiting in front of that wall. And the best thing is, no one notices it. "

I scratch myself on the head. I feel no strong feeling, "and what would be the behind the wall. Death?"

"Nonsense blatherskite, the life you coati, you crack-brained cow - just life, nothing else and that is a strong feeling."


Mark said...

I Love this. Where is it from! Great analogy to life.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear mark, glad you enjoyed reading. The story is a product of me. I retell something from my memories

.soulmate. said...

caught up with all the posts...very quiet reading..