Energy Fields And Making Money

Many people see in esotericism a waste of time, because they can't see how it could solve their everyday problems. We can put it in other words. The reason can see no causal link between achieved goals and a esoteric way of life.

These people gain with hard work their access to money, which is often not the way with heart and sometimes they suffer from burn-out.

What, if energy fields make money, would practically oriented people not be interested immediately in esotericism because esoteric knowledge could be expressed in money per unit of knowledge?

Who is able to see energy fields can examine the meaning of money. Anyone can see the meaning of cash and act accordingly. The meaning of a bank note is paper. Whoever directs his attention to bank notes might end in his apartment having a lot of paper (in the form of invoices, books, magazines) in store because his attention was directed to something static.

In the first step towards the application of our burgeoning knowledge about energy fields, I recommend an exercise the exploration of the meaning of money.

I fill myself with love for the world. Everything around me is part of my inner world and I love myself. Everything is good as it is.

I focus on the feeling of a head above my head. I show this head my idea of cash, bank notes, electronic money transactions, ATMs. All kind of images that comes to my mind when I think of money. The energy field understands what I want of him, but how do I get now his insight into my waking awareness?

For this, we must understand how the energy field above our head perceives us. We are for the energy field a bloom shaped structure, which rise out of a lake. I imagine a flower arising of a lake.
I am looking for my picture in the blossom. The search for one's own image shall make sure that i didn't mix my image with that of other people. When I have found my picture in the bloom, then I feel that part of the flower above the head of my image in the flower.

Difficult? Not really.

Now, I have access to the answer. I have a feeling of access. I delve briefly into the feeling and go back into everyday life.

The meaning of money is access. Money allows us access to things in the presence of people. That feeling will find the way to access the things that we want to accomplish. From esoteric point of view there is no money. There is only access to material things, which people have locked up. That's all - but that is it. Esoteric people are not rich, Esoteric people will get access as time goes by.

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