Cha Cha

"Cha, cha. Tadida dap dap because dap." I see someone very talented dance. I come closer to the danceer butn a hand seizes and holds me back. Before my eyes the Cha Cha Dancer transforms in something dark I do not unerstand.

"One more time saved in the last moment." The man of action wipes with an imaginary handkerchief the sweat from his forehead. In dreams you need restraint, given that we wander at the limits of the second attention, as far as we are doing.

"What is it?", I ask. "It seems to have rhythm and this rhythm seems to be like a Cha Cha rhythm."

"In fact, it lives here. A living creature of dreams."

"Could I meet this black thing if am awake?"

"You mean, whether it has outside the dreams a real body? Let us look. We will just see where the trail will lead, if we search for him, her or it that dreams. Come on."

We glide for a while. Controlled gliding through a dark brown level, and finally, we arrive at a reptile of the size of a sausage dog. He looks at me and smiles maliciously. "Well here you have your dreamer."

I look incredulously on the lizard and something tells me that he is kidding me. He loves to kid me. When I want to ask him why he is so fond of kidding me the Cha Cha dancer rushes through the air. I remember that it is in truth something black. It is falling down on the black lizard form and disappears inside. For a brief moment, I feel as if had beamed shortly from within the lizard, like someone would have opened a door to a lighted house and slammed again.

I dislike it here. It is difficult because things have never been so, as I know them. The lizard opens one eye. The eye has a strange hypnotic power. I take my view off her and she toddles on.

"So, now you know them. Why is this level dark brown?"

I shrug my shoulders, but then I realize it. Thousands of lizards are around here. And every now and again one opens his eye.

"If you wander here, and you are alone, then everything is fine, as long as you do not look these lizards in the eye. They can hold yourself, over weeks and months."

"Do you mean it honestly?"

He smiles maliciously. I hate it when he does that.

"Of course I mean that honestly. Come on, let's have a look."

We slide back slowly through the level and finally see a human dream-body before a lizard. He no longer moves, stands still.

I am trying to understand what is going on. Then i get it. The lizards are curious. They try to understand the hikers in their level and some of them seem to have learned to love Cha Cha too.

He whispers into my ear. "The dreamer slows to the speed of the lizards. For him, it seems only a moment to be, but there are very long hours and a person should not be that long dream of his body separated."

"Can you call your dream body back if he hangs somewhere?"


"And what about that?" I asked impatiently.

"Do not know, I have never done. Come. Well, here it is boring." And we glide off to an uncertain new dream.


Liara Covert said...

Dance engages many people. Reality tv is also attracting audiences with dance competitions. We are invited to stretch our assumptions of what is possible. Human stamina, endurance and flexibility are really incredible.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear liara, thank you for stopping by. To dance is a hard business, and I admire people who have developed professional dancing skills. The rythm and the time frame is essential.