The Daily Flow Of Warmth

Let us eavesdrop on the dialogue of two people who are interested in the secret of well-being and knowledge.

"About the spiritual knowledge, there is nothing mysterious. There is a mundane everyday exercise. When I exercise every day, then I have enough abundant energy to achieve amazing results. "

"And then what would this exercise be?"

"Warmth. If you imagine once a day, that your feet warm up, your legs and so on and so forth, until you have dealt with your entire body and have felt the heat, this exercise stores energy in abundance within your body. "

"How does it work and how do I notice the abundant energy?"

"Working? Energy congestion in the body are zones without movement and flow and feel cold. The heat creates a continuous flow, and the continuous flow draws surplus energy outward to the projects to which your attention is directed to. So you will realize the difference by accomplishing your projects easily. Try it. "


Liara Covert said...

Very true, rainer. You live the life you think about. If you think that you're warm, you are. If you talk about what you feel, you reinforce these thoughts. It all paints a living picture.

Merging Point said...

mm...conscious efforts to lead one to consciousness..

Swahilya Shambhavi said...

This generation of heat is what the old art of Pranayama (practice of regulated breathing) and Hatha Yoga (the movements of the body to generate heat energy) is all about. But ultimately, they serve the purpose of making the energy flow in such a manner as to realise the presence of somthing beyond the body, breath and mind. That is Consciousness.

A.V.C. said...

It works, no doubt about that.

One word of caution though: The difficult part is not raising energy, but to know what to do with it. Going faster in the wrong direction is not desirable...

Tania said...

Nice post. I use this visualization to energize myself as well. I will also imagine that I am in the warm sun, just soaking all the warmth and healing energy into my body. Or it's even better if it is actually sunny out & to just breathe in the energy from the sun & feel it radiate within myself. Blessings, ~Tania

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear liara, thank you for comparing it to painting. It is an art and I would assume for the moment that it was brought up by women.

Dear mergingpoint, I sense a doubt in the practise. Surely it is necessary to let the flow of warmth find you rather than to force him down in your imagination.

Dear swahilya thank you for showing the place of the exercise in a whole picture. I often have observed, that people could get rid of limiting conditions by increasing their ability to understand what was going on.

Dear a.v.c. Thanks for encourageing me. I have a sound trust in other human beings and I fear so much harm could not happen. There will be experiences which will lead to insight.

Dear tania, thank you for sharing your personal practise with us. The warmth of your person is always obvious in your posts on your blogs.