1st Everything is meaning.

2nd Because everything is meaning, I can act according to the meaning, because only when the world is important, I am compelled to respond.

3rd Do I consider myself and my feelings important, I lose the clarity of meaning in the world. I handle no more according to meaning, but according to perceived importance.

4th We live in a world in which there are no survivors. The change is the eternal opponent of the luminous beings. He will also transform us.

5.We are all the same, so we are all just meaning that is constantly changing.
Whatever we do in this world is not our meaning to the world around us to care. The meaning of the human being is to be able to survive alone and to survive as a species. Therefore, we are unconcerned as long as we live and recall our own meaning and as a species to survive.

6th Feeling fear will tarnish my perception. I ignore my meaning to survive on my own.

7th If I think to see all thoughts clear, I ignore the world consist of more than thoughts.

8th If I determine the rules in my life I ignore that my role is too small, as that the world would take care of me.

9th The age makes me perhaps ignore that I can survive on my own.

10th No matter what I do, I do it out of love, warmth and the according to the meaning. Afterwards I let go, because change starts after I accomplished doing.


Liara Covert said...

Life becomes what you choose to perceive, based on conditioning and deconditioning. When each of us is ready and willing, we rediscover the truth inside ourselves.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear liara, some time ago I used to laugh at a man who tried to teach me. I said, Hello old man, all you do to me is teaching me selffullfilling prophecy. You teach me the world is like this and I will see the world like this.
He would never loose his temper and said, some day you will know, that the world is not according to your beliefs or to what you perceive. The world is even not what the gods may intend her to be. The world as we human know her is a lousy place, where everybody has to die some day to come.
I merely want you to teach, that there is nothing you can do or learn while you live, that will spare you from dying.
Once you have accepted this, that is the beginning of a new awareness, an awareness that teaches you a third way. A third way, where no ego prevails, no seeing, no hearing, no dreaming nor a glimpse of energy. It is the unknown that calls every moment from eternity and we won't heed before we accept that we never stood any chance beside that, accepting the true nature of our living and dying soul.