Mystic And Gurus

In Germany, we citizens have made our experiences with leaders. Two world wars have taught us that the meaning of a life of a German from time to time only has the meaning of human material for the power games of the powerful. I wonder whether the powerful have changed today? Whether today the politicians see something else in us, except material costs, and plans being pursued, regardless of individual destiny?

The world wars of today are different, they are part of economic life. The modern victims can not complain, because they will be cut down by cost saving based on laws. Then and now, the well-being of the state (the powerful) shows the way, not the love and social thinking. I e.g. in the 70s had not believed that one day the government would enforce that retirees with a pocket money of a few euros would have to pay new dues to protect the Republic against an unproven disaster taking place some thirty years in the future.

What for everyday life is true is equally true for the esoteric. Where people search for truth and knowledge,leaders emerge, wanting to be in power, wanting to show other people the way and also want to benefit personally. These people are starting from a certain point a one way communication, because they claim for themselves, a special general overview, a special knowledge, and indeed they have a special cold-bloodedness. A cold-bloodedness, which makes them insensitive to the consequences of the imposition of their views for their victims. Whoever follows a guru, no longer follows his own individual way.

In politics, that is clear to everyone, if we follow a party, then after the election our wishes, the voters wishes will be perceived as the language of the street, the language of the mob.We are used to those insults from the politicians, that the enormity of this classification no longer reach us.

After the vote, we have no voice anymore. In a sect, the individual wishes to develop are an aberration, which is mostly not consistent with the teachings of the leader. Mistakes has to be corrected and sects often strive for the control of very vital needs like the sexuality, desire for love and security, housing and food.

Why does it often happen that people in cults are sexually exploited that gurus demand obedience to the death, that the individual must give up its individuality for the benefit of the sect? Power. It is a question of mastering people and you can do very well by dominating their heads.

When 772 Karl the Great starts his Saxony wars and will thirty years cover peaceful people every summer with war, he has the church in the luggage in order to win the war on the religious basis. The Saxony are converted with the sword and with the words of the priest internally subdued. These chains are physically and mentally. The scheme is so successful that the rulers continue its operation. Physical constraints and psychological constraints go hand in hand. At a time when the Church is losing influence, press, the media, television and other belief systems take over the role of the inner taming of the citizens.

Why are gurus successful? Because the society in many areas treat its citizens unfree and there is a climate of social coldness. The church has taught the people over centuries that there is an organized way of salvation and that way is the only one. That each of us has his own personal salvation way that can be found, without the help of others, it is not a commonplace. Whoever now begins his search will find that he can answer his question himself, because the necessary experience and knowledge he will meet on his journey.

The state gives us the feeling that we citizens are not needed between the elections. We are not experts on governance and our perception alone is no guideline for a successful community. No, it can not be? I don't think so. We all have a fair idea of what a solution with love in a community could be. Unfortunately, the solutions of love do not govern, but the interest of money reigns. Let us experience the quietly smile at times when we name love and money in the same breath. We will get labeled incompetent.

To say it's all about. The State brings only some examples of people who master their destiny on their own. Apart from entrepreneurs, who again needs employees. We will be dependent, physically and mentally. This structure benefits the respective state organizations, business and the church. And in times where people turn their backs to the institutions in order to take their fate into their own hands,gurus will find rich prey by pretending to give us what church and state denied us so far. Love, respect, meaning of life, happiness, community.

All we find within ourselves, and when we have found it in us, then we do not need a guide or gurus, then our personal power leads us and takes us along . We will access what we need for our future development. We do not need leaders, we have to trust ourselves and always decide what we want to believe it or not. We can succeed if we learn to heed our inner voice.

A book that impressed me some time ago and I recommend is:
If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him! The Pilgrimage of Psychotherapy Patients


Swahilya Shambhavi said...

Nice picture. Is it in Germany?

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear swahilya, it is in China, Wuxi Province and called Grand Buddha at Ling Shan (99 steps)

BT Cassidy said...

Great post, Ray. it's hard for many people, because they think they're searching for answers, where as we are searching for understanding but believe answers to come before that. A leader, (religious or political) claims to have those answers and have the solution to the problem (enticing, because we all work towards this same common hope) and we listen. OK, we find they're not right all the time, but right often enough to be onto something. And there it begins- us happily surrendering our own hope of understanding for acceptance of absolute truth delivered and derived by another.

I pray for the day when we all seek the understanding of our own hearts, and see each other as equals, none above or below.

Love your blog, Ray, you're a great writer = )

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear bt cassidy, thank you for your personal view. I think I understand you and thank you for your encouragement, though I think my challenge is to write better and better in english language.

Tomas Karkalas said...

wow comes out of itself at a moment I hear a word of truth - wow! came out now too.
Thank you for the article, for the portrait of our world.
In Lithuania, the situation looks the same as in Germany. It is the same all over the world.
Yes, we do not need the leaders. We need the fellows.
if we learn to heed our inner voice, we hear the spirit and she teach us trust ourselves ( remain faithful).
We do not need any other leader, but, unfortunately, people are used to fail that test for life.
By the way, let's recall the fairy tales. The toys are used to revive there ... at midnight. Isn't it symbolical?
I am happy to meet you. Thank you.
You are welcomed to my http://candleday.wordpress.com
We do not need the leaders, but we need the friends for to rejoice over the sunbeam and share the word of truth.
Thank you once again.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear tomas, thank you for your inspiring comment and your thoughts for Lithuania.