The scholars beckons to me. "Ray, I have a surprise for you."
"Surprise", I am surprised.
"Yes, how do I feel?
He feels like a small green light being. A bit like a baby.
"Do you see, that were your feeling when you visited me for the first time."
"A baby?, I was not a baby"
"No, you were here, so look around where are you here?"
"A house, a shed?"
"Yes, something of that kind. Here you are at the origin of your self. We are all at the origin of our self like babies, then we will grow more, and then we learn a language, and then we go to school and work, but most people will not return back to their origin. Bu it is so simple to lead a fulfilling and happy life, which is equivalent to one's own determination. "
"And that would be?"
"Well here, this place, explore your own origins. At the time of your birth this was the place you first entered as a baby in order to leave it again."

"And other people remain in this place?"

"No all go carelessly through here. Me too. Before I became the scholar, I went through my origin without pay attention to him. I disobeyed the command of the great tyrant. The great tyrant lays your origin as a command in your cradle. Look. So you look around. What do you see with your adult eyes. "

It looks like a house, large pictures, sculptures. I am perplexed and feel the house .... I feel it.
I am looking after me and I see myself ...... "Is this my destiny?"

"Whatever you see is your determination.I returned as a young man in my dreams to this point of origin - and I found nothing but books. Everywhere around were books piled up. Well, I started to occupy myself with books in dreams and then I recalled these dreams and started to occupy myself with books in daily life too. Your sense is always at the origin. "

"And how do the people, how do I find this place again?"

"Is it not clear? You go into the light. Imagine to be a baby and to go into the light, what do you see then where do you get?"

"I try it out and find myself in a kind of hall with seating, not the house that I had seen before." I see a similar place, but not here. "
"The place may change, the meaning is the same, it has only taken on a different image, the more you do the exercise, the more you will clear see your determination and the best thing is, whenever you do something for your destiny all doors opens to success, because this is the place and the way in which you should be. Whenever you do otherwise, everything is tough and difficult. "

"So should all the people use plenty of time to explore their determination?"

"Yes, sure, but trust me and have a look here outside." He brings me to the window, where I can see many people promenading in the street. "Who among them has a light on his origins alight? "

The question lets me realize for the first time his glow, this pleasant, intense warm glow. I am trying to find the people glowing among the hastily humans who pass through a drizzle in the streets. Nothing to find. The street is not lit.

"It's so easy, but no one follows his light."

"Did you never tell anyone about it?"

"Yes, already did it - it was surprising to me - maybe? All listen. Some understand. Of which have very little time for that. And of the few with time, the zeitgeist took with him most of them. Only few remains. They smile when they meet each other without stopping. They listen to each other without speaking, and they say things without a word. "

I nod. I ask myself am I glowing?


Mark said...

Very powerful, thank-you!

Swahilya Shambhavi said...

The space within
the black hole of this body
The Consciousness
Is the light of Awareness
That manifests as this Universe
For a while
Until it is absorbed into the black hole
To be thoroughly dismembered cell by cell
Into the field of awareness inside the black hole.

NathanKP said...

Very nice piece of writing. I enjoyed reading it.

NathanKP - Inkweaver Review

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear mark, thank you for visiting.

Dear swahilya, your comments sounds always like poems to me. Thank you for adding your valuable insights.

Hell nathankp, welome to my blog and thank you for your comment.

Enreal said...

The story and concepts expressed here are as intriguing as beautiful... you have a vivid line of thought... I enjoyed reading this piece

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello enreal, well thank you.

Liara Covert said...

Many human beings selectively choose to forget their origins. This physical world enables us to explore new ways of learning that aren't possible in the spiritual or etheral.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear liara, yes, so true, you got it to the point. Thank you.