Will The World Be Eaten Up from Switzerland?

On Hawaii two men pursue a lawsuit against the CERN particle accelerator in Geneva. They fear the end of world. The danger consists of mini black holes that could destroy the Earth. While scientists in Switzerland dismiss this possibility a smile, the lawsuit shows once more that not all people have unlimited trust in science.

In many myths and legends people pay a high price for the knowledge. A bite from the apple of knowledge in the Bible ends with the expulsion from the paradise. There is a Pandora's box, there is the fire thief, who is bonded to a rock so that an eagle could eat his liver. The feeling of iniquity accompanies the feeling of the masses of people, if scientists boldly go in extreme regions of knowledge where no man had gone before.

I am reminded by that fear of the search for a stone. when the stone is extricated from a building then inevitably collapse of the building would be the result, the end of the world followed.

What are these feelings? Is it an inner certainty that the world as it is is wonderful, and we need no changes? The mixture of chaos and order in the universe should not be changed by us, because otherwise we, as Goethe's sorcerer's apprentice, might no longer dominate the forces, we have created?

Perhaps it is also a technology annoyance at a higher level. With all the growth in technology and facilities, the people are not happier, and the problems do not become smaller. The wheel spins on, only the scenery has changed and where once a wedge fist on the stage was, is now the hydrogen bomb and tomorrow, the controlled black hole, the right tool to erase only the enemies country from the earth, clean shave.

I feel the need that the peoples of the world should melt together, become one planet, in which the lives of all living beings and their protection should be the top value stated. The fragmentation in states and the research in the service of war and oppression have divided science and knowledge search in one heavenly and one hellish part.

Maybe it is time to evaluate what knowledge meditation might bring us. Didn't the old Indian master speak of a fire (electrons are orbiting with speeds unimaginable around the atomic nuclei) that keep the smallest particles of matter together? To what insights would us the collective knowledge of the people's meditation lead and which would be the risk from this type of research for the planet?

I mean - None.


Mark said...

Yes, our being seperated does much damage and the bringing of all to be one would yeild incredible power. Great thoughts, thanks for sharing.

Ray Gratzner said...

dear mark, thank you for backing up the post's message.

Swahilya Shambhavi said...

Ray, People of the earth are already one planet
It is one geographic landmass
With the same base structure for the core
and just one ocean
We just have to stop giving them names
Differentiate them and fight over borders
We are already one
We just got to realise that.

http://11avc11.wordpress.com said...


Good post!
However, I rather feel the need for more people acknowledging their individuality, that they are unique. Gaining the courage to develop their particular role in the giant all.

We are not separate from this planet, nor the rest of the universe, as Swahilya noted. But that does not mean to say that we should not have different roles?

Indeed "we are one, but we are not the same". The division and the search for (individual) answers within reason must go further, until the very limit is reached, until reason is transcended.

In my humble opninion that is...

But we have yet a long way to go, no?

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear swahilya, yes I think you are right. This is one planet and if we would stop giving it different names and telling everything apart, we all would make a giant leap forward. Thank you.

Dear a.v.c. I think you described the individual part of the problem very well. Thank you.
I fear I understood swahilya differently maybe I am mistaken, but I thought she pointed out how the words contribute to the view.