At the beginning...fear.

When a man first discovers that he seems to be different, then he may feel fear. In the esoteric realm many talents can occur meaning for the affected at the beginning rather a curse than a gift or blessing.

How is it with the skills:

* To have a vision of the future that happens.
* To feel People.
* The second face.
* Lucid dreams.
* To heal people.
* Perceiving beings of the second attention.
* Perceiving death.

The list goes on and you could certainly add points. If these things happen, then the affected develops fears. Take from the list above to feel people. This point is familiar with every one's intuition from everyday life. Will I become crazy, asks the one who feels perhaps, if it the for first time he feels the feelings of other people as if they were perceived by himself. People with different notions of reality are classified as crazy. According to my knowledge there is no general accepted definition of crazy, but today the psychiatric illness will be detected by elaborate disease pattern.

To feel people directly, normal citizens would reject the idea and we all know the verse from the civil freedom song, "The thoughts are free, nobody can know them." Similarly, we can say that a majority of people today would say, the feelings are free, no one can know them.

Another fear may be to become physically ill. Is everything ok with my head, or with my brain, I might breed tumors? The stress with the changed perception and the strange feelings can cause temporary illness.

The church might offer consolation, but caution is warranted, because today the Vatican exorcises people and is ready to declare people with extrasensory abilities to be possessed. With a little luck you can find a priest who has similar talents, as a rule, this will not happen. And the church maintains a monopoly. The monopoly of the second attention, as only the church knows what is essential between heaven and hell and the way of the soul. Only the opinion of the church the faithful should follow - for his welfare understood.

Finally, there are fears of social exclusion. What would work colleagues or friends think? Will they still respect me, my friends be still with me? Will the people may be afraid of me? All these fears start a major stress, which will slowly be overcome when the affected person meets kindred. When he realizes, there are people that experienced the same.

A great help the Indians are with their old knowledge of meditation and experience of the second attention. Often esoteric gifts could be explained with reports and descriptions from the Indian philosophy so that the concerned parties with their experiences no longer feel alone.

But with the emergence of a gift an invisible border is traversed. There is no way back into the old life, in which one share with most people so beautiful, pleasant certainties of life. Henceforth, the world has become richer and events can not always be explained satisfactorily.

The people in the area are often of little help because they themselves feel helpless and - unfortunately - people lie. Tell someone his feelings, so he might argue, if the above is in conflict with his image. And rightfully, because we can not deny someone the right to know his feelings best. And people with talents also make mistakes, see and feel the things that they might long to find themselves.

There is no more returning back to the old life and if you have a talent discovered, I wish you that you pass as quickly as possible through the following phase of fear, because there are enough problems to cope with in your new kind of life.


Mark said...

You have done an elequent job of describing the types of fears one may succum to as they traverse into their new reality. May we see fear for what it is and know that it is not the power, nor the truth and that we are destined to be greater than we now know.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear mark, thank you for encouraging me. When I read your posts, I know that you are looking for development.

Liara Covert said...

Learning is ongoing and need not be rushed. As we open our senses, we discover hidden reasons we nurture fear. We discover we can work though anything. To begin to understand why we create fear is a step to dissolving it.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear liara, maybe fear could be overcome by understanding it. I overcome fear by searching it.

You went to war, I assume you have mastered your fear.