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Dear reader, which mistake was made by Jesse James if you look at his death from an esoteric perspective? Obviously, he went no way of love and he maybe might not be so aware of the constant change that people go through. Or he didn't he understand the law of attraction quite right?

Jesse James' End

Under the name of Mr. Howard Jesse James moved with his family to Tennessee and bought land there. According to his neighbours, he was a good farmer. The fact that the great robber was able to disappear and remain undetected, can only be explained by the fact that the police authorities never owned a picture of him.

In 1882 Jesse James had invited two old comrades. These were the brothers Robert and Charles Ford. They wanted to plan together a new bank robbery. Jesse trusted the familiar two companions fully. What he did not know was, that Robert Ford recently had shot a relative of Jesse and feared, Jesse would, as soon as he heard from the fact, take revenge on him. Therefore, the brothers Ford got in contact with the Governor of Missouri who had offered a reward of 10,000 dollars for the capture of the robber. The Governor had pledged its full support to the Ford. It was in Missouri shortly before the election. The news of the seizure of the great evil offender would be a booster for the re-election.

Charles and Robert Ford lived in the house Jesse James'. They agreed that it was impossible to overcome their host. He had to die, and that they would shoot him if he carried no weapons. Anything else would equal a suicide attempt.

The long-awaited opportunity arose on the morning of April 3, 1882. They had eaten breakfast. Charles Ford and Jesse James had been in the barn were they arranged the bridle. When they came back into the house where Robert Ford stayed, Jesse said:

"It is terribly hot today!"

He took his jacket and vest off and threw the clothes on the bed. Then he said:

"I think I better unstrap my pistol belt. If we go later to the yard, someone could see the weapons." He opened the belt, then put the belt with the two guns on the bed to the clothes. Then he took a duster to make a picture on the wall tidy. In addition, he had to climb on a chair. He had now the brothers Ford behind his back, Silent the two men sneaked in front of the bed. At a hint by Charles both pulled out their arms, Robert was faster. From a distance of half a meter, he shot Jesse James in the back of the head. The shot was fatal.

It also met Robert Ford the curse of the evil deed. He received no reward. He was glad that he could avoid the sentence of a murder. For a time he produced in a repulsive way in a travelling circus. Every evening he told the audience the story of the murder of Jesse James. Later he opened a saloon in a mining town and was stabbed to death by an old comrades during a saloon brawl.

From Frederik Hetmannn, p. 142-143:

Der rote Fetzen unterm Butterfaß


CyberCelt said...

Shot in the back of the head. I guess he had it coming, but it seems like they could have given him a fair chance to grab his gun before he died. At least he died with his boots on. LOL

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Ray Gratzner said...

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Dear jena isle, you are welcome. I will visit your other blogs.

The Fearless Blog said...

Always interesting to read about the outlaws of the past.

Jesse James may have been an outlaw,but the man who shot him in this fashion displayed no bravery and deserved no praise.

Jenaisle said...

Thanks Ray, happy blogging.

Jenaisle said...

BTW, I visited your other blogs but they were in German and I can't figure out a thing. I wish I could translate the articles.

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Dear fearless blog, yes that was a cowardly deed and it took two of those cowards.

dear jenaisle, first I write the post in an german version, that is the content of the german blog, than I translate it to english language, that is the blog here. Thus, normally you will find all the articles here and in the german blog too.

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