No, No

"The silent always impress. It is hardly believed that someone else preserve no other secret than that of his own unimportance."

- Marie Ebner von Eschenbach.

When I attended vocational training there was among the students one who spoke little and now and then he shook his head thoughtfully. We were greatly impressed and believed him to be really clever. And let's be honest, who has not already met men, which would have been appeared dignified if they would shut up?

So I tested this technique, etc. even now and then in the classroom or applied to teachers and I urge everyone to make this experience even once on his own.

I am in the lecture and shake the head continuously once every minute. I accompany this gesture by a frown, or reproachful look or a disappointed sigh.

Depending on the self-confidence of the speakers it takes between a few minutes and up to thirty minutes for the hard-boiled lecturer before the first question will be posed. "Is anything wrong?"And even if I were hidden in the back row seats. Once a lecturer would threaten to send me off the room although I hadn't said any word. The power of gesture without words is huge and many people need lovely confirmatory glances and gestures more than their external habit make us believe.


Enreal said...

Silence indeed is the loudest sound there is... apply thought behind silence and you can move mountains. I do like your techniques and I feel you have tapped into a certain purpose with your thoughts. Thank you for another wonderful insight and affirmation.

A.V.C. said...

Gesture, words of power and silence.

Depending on the desired effect, you choose the appropriate tools and make sure that they are used in harmony with that goal.

But first and foremost, you make sure that the goal is in harmony with your own Will. Even if the operation itself may appear to be a harmless experiment...

Gebeleizis said...

Interesting topics treated in your blog! Congratulations! I'll come again!

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear enreal, thank you for your positive feedback. I am glad to read it.

Dear a.v.c. you are quite right. Sometimes I lack some discipline and than I behave rather unwise. Therefore I have a long way to learn ahead me. ;-)

Dear gebeleizis, thank you for visiting. Your blog is very valuable and I will be back to yours.