Three friends

There were once three friends on the road. Reason, feelings and heart. They were happy together and had a lot of fun. Reason knew interesting things to report. Always, he found things out, which he called causes and if they looked at his telling it seemed to make sense for heart and for feeling.

The heart was the engine of the three friends. Untiring proposed it, and drove the other two - still awake, if mind could not think any more and feeling felt very sleepy.

Feeling also knew, however, causes too, but his causes were not logical but logical in an emotionally sense. Feeling could tell many stories where she could weep together with heart. Reason always cried later, when the two friends had gone already.

Then came into the country evil men who wore white smocks and set reason on a throne, and said reason you are more important than your friends and the two others have to serve you.
"Why?", asked the mind outraged. "Because you know the causes and the other do not."
"Well, that's true," said the mind, "I'm really reasonable."

From the day on feeling and heart should serve reason. And the heart beat was no longer as funny chop chop chop. And the feeling was not as dramatic as before but was always a little bit tired and listless. And in the morning the reason always shot up from his throne into the clouds into a home where had not to see his two friends any longer. Reason was powerful, but he lacked the weeping and the other beautiful stories of feeling. But what should reason do? Everything was reasonable as it was now regulated. And the men with white coats said that too.

Then came a fourth friend along the way. He was furtive, because he came only at night. When all were asleep. And he had often seen the three friends in his dream fragments. And he led the heart, the reason and feelings together again and let them be good friend again. And before the night ended, he always said to the three friends, "remember yourself!"

And so it came as it had to. One day reason remembered a wonderful story from the dreams and he cried a lot, he let heart and feeling returning to him and together they hunted the men with the white coats to the devil. "Friends", they said when they were reunited. "Let us never forget that we belong together and that we are four friends!" So they did a solemn oath and lived happily until the end of all causes, until the last heartbeat, to the last dramatic feeling, and up to the end of all dreams.


Liara Covert said...

What a great way to provoke self-reflection! Human beings can forget their physical bodies and emotions are a gauge for balance, health and well-being. Learning to listen to the signs is a way to learn a great deal about yourself.

Jena Isle said...

It seemed like I was reading " The Little Prince" or "The Alchemist" - a simple story with a profound message. I like it. Good read.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear liara, thank you for your opinion, I appreciate it.

Dear jena isle, thank you for letting me that know. I am grateful.