Modern Manager

The economy uses, if it fits, from time to time esoteric concepts. However, the similarity always stops when the manipulation of the behaviour of the employees, customers or suppliers in a certain direction has been achieved. Or can you imagine that people who destroy jobs, even if the company makes profit ever have reached the samadhi and felt the being one with the universe?

Der Tagesspiegel writes on 28.02.08 '

"A selection of their work in the past few days: BMW strike despite marvelous transactions 7500 jobs in Germany. The detergent group Henkel believes to eliminate 600 jobs. Siemens, 2000 jobs at its telecom division for disposition. The automotive supplier Continental will become slimmer and his workforce shall be reduced by around 2000 people. Airbus believes to have too much 3000 people on the payroll. And Nokia has cheaper production costs in Romania and dismisses the equivalent of 2300 employees. "

The quote is about job cutbacks without economic distress. The economy as a destroyer of personal existences.

But back to the topic. In business, there are visionary leader. They give their companies a mental picture, the future state of the company. The company will be in several years there, where they would have their organization in the visualization. They involve the staff, so that they deal with the mental image, identify themselves, believe it is achievable. Many mental energies are arrayed on the basis of an image.

While Affirmations techniques give the success to the practitioners alone on a company the management decides alone, what share of the success will get through to the staff. Has anyone here the feeling that the good situation of economy (Germany) arrived with him?

According to Norbert Glaab (Philosophy = Vision) the motivation of firms is clear. The vision technology is to pick up frustrated employees again. Wouldn't it work in a different way? Maybe by walking the talk with true values?


Robin said...

Hi there - these business leaders are usually motivated by fear, I think, though they are good at hiding it. It shows when they keep wanting more and more (as you described), because they are afraid underneath they will lose what they have gained.

A truly prosperous person knows that if they lose what they have they can get it back again if they need it—hopefully more business leaders will start coming from this place and will behave in a better way.

- Robin

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear robin, I think you have a valid argumentation. Surely there is fear. Thank you.