There is a hole in the perception, it is always there - a kind of blind spot. You can learn about this spot in a group of learners when different people perform the same exercises.

The blind spot has nothing to do with preferences, the characters or intentions. It restricts the field of view of everyone and - in most cases - we are not conscious of it. The blind spot is the reason why people need each other. Two people see more than one, because they have in common only a relatively small blind spot. Three people are better than two, because their common blind spot is even smaller, because the blind spots of the same people are never the same, it is more like they overlap.

For example, a seer, we call him Nostradamus, sees the demise of the world. He experiences a vivid vision of everything falling to pieces and the underlying feelings that the vision in it triggers is lifelike. He has no doubt that the world will perish just as he has seen it.

The blind spot may be that Nostradamus has seen his own death. His world is ending and his soul fears and delivers him to the canvas of a willing perception a horror scenario. A second seer can examine the attention if it has been wholly or partially tarnished by the blind spot.

Power people think that if they have developed their skills, they no longer need other. Their blind spot is being blind, against the blind being. To overturn it, even if others do warn.

Be among foreign eyes, which the power of love carry to you. One should be the other eye and nobody should blame a friend, who delivers the messages from the blind spot.


The Fearless Blog said...

I enjoyed reading this post. Interesting... I guess I have been guilty of not listening to the friend that sees what I do not see. I guess we are all quick to take offense rather than understand. Thank you for pointing out the blind spot for me....

ssgreylord said...

I've never thought of a blind spot in this way. You've nailed it on the head though. We all have these blind spots and they can only diminish with the help of others. I love your first line on the last paragraph. It's beautiful...

Enreal said...

Very well done!!!

"Be among foreign eyes, which the power of love carry to you."

A powerful sentence... I shall quote you on that one! Brilliant

Ray Gratzner said...

dear fearless blog, it is always hard to say when to listen and when to go ones own way. Thank you for commenting.

Dear ssgreylord, thank you for sharing your favourite line. I can learn from it.

dear enreal, well I would feel appreciated if you quote me. Thanks