Executives and so on....

What do we need to know to evade superiors:

Let him hear you. Talk while working. The bigger the team, the more noise makes the group.

What you should absolutely avoid:

1st T come between the supervisor and his secretary. He understands that as a threat to his privileges and will immediately attack employees.

2nd The desk on the corridor. If the supervisor's can not pass around the desk, he can be aggressive. All corridors serves for management by walking around and is only secondarily for staff purposes.

3rd If the supervisor has no alternative, he will attack.

4th Break in the presence of the supervisor. The rest (meeting) is his property. That's his territory. He might attack.

5th Don't let reports lay unpacked outside the workplace in the night. On packaged documents are no report labels allowed. Old Reports you either take with you or burn them in the fire. Do not throw away or bury them! There should be nothing looking like a report. The supervisor likes reports very much. When he has got one once a time, he will follow the group. .... It is sheer recklessness to report to the supervisor.

What do you do when you meet a superior:

Keep calm!
The supervisor will go away in most cases. Give him the way. Withdraw from him without turning the back on him. Do not run away!

If the supervisor is in a meeting and he notice employees in his vicinity, he will roar. This is a clear sign that he had accepted employees as opponents. Let him show that he is here the ruler. Let him sell. Withdraw from him without turning the back on him.
The chief doesn't accepts employee as meeting participants, but as opponents.

Inspired by Bären auf Kamschatka


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