Setting the sail of attention

I visited the man of action. He sat in front of his house and he just worked on a dragon, which he had laid on his knees.

He didn't look at me, when I sat down near him, but talked to me while he worked concentrated on the dragon.

"Hello Ray, there you are, sit down. Today, we will talk about the sail of attention. But before we do that, I must explain a few mistakes you make. Mistakes, that hold you in a kind of Babylonian captivity. "

"Mistakes", how would you know?. We still have not talked with each other as much or spent as long a time together that you already could know what my mistakes are? "

"So it will work." He raised the dragon and smiled in satisfaction. He moved him in front of his head back and forth to test his flight characteristics. "Yes, it will work."

He put the dragon with a careful movement on the ground.

"But we know each other for thousands of years. Times have you been here and I sat where you have set yourself on the ground. Another time it was vice versa as it is now. So I know your mistakes as you will know mine when I will come to you. These are the types in us, the characters. Types in us, they prevent us from setting the sail of attention and bringing us the freedom to fly. "

"I was thousands of years ago already here?", I ask incredulously.

"Now, take it with a pinch of salt. Someone from your type was here and met a man of action and reversed a man of action was here and met someone from your type. Is it clear now?"

I nod. The idea to participate in a conversation that took place repeatedly for thousands of years repeatedly in the same manner fascinated me. What might it be, being so important that it was discussed again and again?

Dear reader, come back tomorrow find out the meaning of the setting of the sail of attention II and what mistakes do Ray believe in?


Jena Isle said...

he he he, really Ray, putting us in suspense...sure I'll be back....you've got me curious now...

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena isle, thank you for yor kind remark. ;-)