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I was tagged by Luiza who was herself tagged by Lilith

1st At the moment I fear the politicians. They cash up unabashed, where it is easy(favourite target employees) and the invest no effort where it is difficult (to fight speculators,to fight sales tax fraud in billions)thus they run again the economy against the wall, for which they will blame the voters.

2nd I am afraid because in the the media they argue no longer. Thirty years from now on, there will be far too many old people, the media tell us. Nobody tells you why this supposedly should be so. It is a belief that has become by repeating the sentence a kind of mantra.If we could consider the future in thirty years, why would the politicians have waged the cold war? Couldn't they foresee the perestroika? No, nobody knows what is going on in thirty years. But we can now see what happens, when we allow the politicians to reduce the payments to the weakest of society, welfare recipients and pensioners only because it is so convenient to do so.

3rd Rising fuel prices convince me, that this planet is not governed by governments, but by speculators. I'm afraid that the example of the oil monopolists will awaken the ambitions of other monopolists until nothing remains except more debt. And already more people are starving because of the speculators, more of the poorest of the poor, but does it matter to the rich?

4th Somehow I am always on the lookout. There is an inner pull that I'm not coming to rest. The journey continues.

5.When hiking, I sometimes fear ticks, which with their huge inlet drill into my skin, to have a small snack of blood.

6th I don't trust animals that are larger and heavier than me. Bulls e.g. unsettle me, especially if they have a nose ring, and scratch with the hooves.

So, whoever comes over and feels like it, consider tagged.


Jenaisle said...

I will accept this tag, but will be writing about it next week. I will have to research first within the crevices of my mind..(grins)

Such a compelling list you have Ray.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jenaisle, I am looking forward to your post, Thank you for participating. ;-)