Dori tagged me. She was tagged by Elisabeth who was tagged by Andrea.

4 jobs that I had in my life:

warehouseman, washbasin caster, electronic technician, purchasing manager.

4 Films, which I would always watch:

'The meaning of life' with Monty Python. 'The children of Olympus'. 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' with Sharuk Khan. 'The naked gun' with L. Nielsen.

4 places where I had stayed:

Kerkrade, Dortmund, Stolberg, Bremen-St Magnus.

4 places where I would like to live sometime:

Montmartre, Inverness, Perpignan, Stuttgart.

4 TV series, I would like to view / have viewed

The right to love. / Dead like me. / John profit / Enterprise with Captain Kirk.

4 places where I stayed during holiday:

Gothenburg, Loch Ness, Montmartre, Lausanne

4 websites that I visit daily:

Jena Isle, enreal, robin, a.v.c., mark, and - if possible - all of my blog role, but I admit among other duties like work and various other activities I do not always succeed in visiting them all.

4 of my favorite food:

Vegetable pan, cordon bleu, baked banana, waffles.

4 places where I wish to be at the moment:

I am happy with my current stay and satisfied. Happy to be here in bed, to explore the refrigerator, happy to be in the bathtub, happy to be at the computer.

4 bloggers, whom I tag:
Whoever wants to, consider yourself tagged.


Robin said...

Hi Ray - I am so honoured that you visit my blog!

It's funny, but I've been thinking about baked banana lately - with pieces of chocolate in them - it's winter here.

A.V.C. said...

Dear ray,
Thanks for your reference; I am much obliged.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear robin, baked banana is great. I understand you...
Deart a.v.c.. you are welcome....

Jena Isle said...

I love banana waffles! Thanks for including me in your daily visits, I feel deeply honored.

You're one of my favortie blogs too and part of my daily blog visits.

There is a new feature of entrecard in partnership with SezWho. I hope you participate in this too as I did. This will maximize readership of our blogs.

Once again Ray, thank you and all the best.

Mark said...

I am glad that you try to visit my site daily. I am not writing as much now as I have in the past. Life has been very busy and blogging has taken a lesser role for the moment. Glad that you find what I write of value. Thank-you for the mention and link! Thanks for sharing so much about yourself in the tag.