Good Bye

"Do you really have to go?" I am sad. I hate farewells and I hate already the idea.

He nodded. "Yes, I have to. When we continue to see each other, then we spend time with each other. We are not meant for each other, to spend time with each other."

"No, it must always be a higher meaning, it must always have a purpose?" I asked bitterly. Astonished I noticed that in my feelings there was a notion as if I have been treated unfairly. "

"Well, you will go your way. Your way is beautiful. He will lead you to creative working people who despair in this modern world beause of their creativity. Creative people are sensitive, having a delicate constitution. They have extended antennas ready to perceive something when others do not see, hear, feel or taste. Creative people are suffering from their work and their life is hard."

I am silent. I think, 'creative people, can they be a replacement for him? "

"Leave it alone. You will find me again. I will smile to you from the face of a friendly woman. I will give you one piece of advice in the form of a small child, and I will accompany you, as the wind blowing your way, as the cloud which inspires your mind. I am there, wherever you are looking for me. But never again you will find me here. So long. "

Then he left. Without turning around.
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If a loved person leaves me, I will feel sad. What can I do to deal with my grief?

  • I visualize that no one can take from me my memories. The fact that have access to that person in my memories.
  • I am open for a return. Maybe this person will come back, maybe someone else will, who fills the gap, I feel.
  • If the parting is a path with heart for the person who is gone - I will be pleased for him and that his trip will be successful.
  • We all meet us only for limited time. I am grateful for the time I was allowed to know the person.
  • Stopping the thoughts, I feel the world. Always and everywhere the love flows through the fibers of the world. Wherever a mourning heart calls, love will flow and overwhelm the mourning.


Jena Isle said...

If you are talking about a romantic love then, it took years for me to be able to forget. It is not easy to invest emotionally in a person and just easily forget these memories. It is always painful to go back to them so, it is better not to remember them at all.

As for friends, friendships are more lasting relationships. It is because, true friends will always be there even when there is physical distance. Even when friends leave, they will always find ways and means to get in touch with you - that is if they're genuine friends.

Thanks for a mind-provoking post,
Keep posting.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, I do hope your romantic love memories will warm you again, because your true love feelings were not bad.
Friendships, I agree, they hold for a long time. See you...

Enreal said...

This spoke to my heart... I had lost my father not so long ago... I learned the ways of dealing with the grief alone... I wish I would have read these words sooner... perhaps it is the way of life and learning these lessons... perhaps... one day another in search of help will receive your guidance... they will be blessed

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear enreal, the lessons you learned alone can nobody take from you. In most cases it is an enormous advantage.....

One Womans Thoughts said...

True love never leaves us. We need just look within our hearts. It is ALWAYS there when we call upon it.