The meaning of looking back

One day you will look back. One day we all will feel the need to return. It is installed in us and it basically serves the species. Someone walks out into the world. He finds new ways. He learns and collect experiences. What sense would it make when he would not return to tell others from his experience tell? When he's not looking for people to hand on his knowledge? Nothing.

Thus a part of our needs, including our spiritual needs serves the species. People who learn to have fun in learning, feel at some point the need to return.

Esoteric people all over the world use that fact. You can sow the seeds by handing on your findings. By awakening the curiosity and desire for more knowledge you induce that more people search. All these people will come back years later and arouse more curiosity and enthusiasm and they all have something new to say - never seen, never heard of.

At the end there could be a world of spiritual travelers, staying at a base camp earth - a Garden of Eden.


  • Tell your experiences, even if you do not you consider it relevant, to someone else it might be the very insight sought for years.
  • Try not to be in line with the interpretations of other people. Consider your view as a flower in a sea of flowers. The more colors glow all the more the world appears magnificent.
  • For each searcher there will be four new searcher following. If someone tells you that there is nothing more to look for and that you has arrived, then avoid these people. He is frozen in a kind of self-hypnosis.


Liara Covert said...

Each human being is a seeker during a particular lifetime. You choose what is meaningful to you in a given moment. You discard the rest or overlook what no longer matters. Your life is yours alone.

Robin said...

Hi Ray - I like the way you put this. And i like all your tips. ~ Robin

Jena Isle said...

Hi Ray, this is a powerful post. I like most especially the thing you said about, coming back and sharing the lessons learned and being a flower amongst all flowers.

Indeed, each of us is a unique being able to contribute in our own little way to this garden of eden -if we so desire.
There is always something new to discover.

Sometimes, what we know as truth is relative.

Before Columbus, people believed the world was flat and even the church castigated those who said it was otherwise. But look at the truth several years later- the world is round. Will this change at a latter date? Only time can tell.

That's why, one should be open-minded about things, and be able to accept new ideas.

A mind-boggling post Ray, thanks for sharing.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear liara, I agree with you, that your life is yours. But by looking back you produce mental insights that are worth sharing. As a matter of fact it is an individual decision.

Dear robin thank you for your encouragement.

Dear jena, thank you for your reflection on Columbus. A flat versus a round one... Often it is an conflict of beliefs until someone is bold enough to gather experiences. I assume your are bold enough. Thank you for commenting.

Tink said...

Hi Ray! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love mythology and gods and goddesses are important to me.

I often help others by sharing my memories and experiences from the past. It's not good to live in the past, but it is good to look back and reflect. The past is a big part of making you what you are today... Great post!

torasham said...

this is "deep" post which is need some "deep" mind...