The seven inner World Empires, a post for men only

We live in hierarchical times. There is always a superior and a subordinate and even the man at the top is directly responsible to an archetype in heaven, or in the past. For us Men is important that the chain of cause and effect is not interrupted. The chain of reason must be valid in the future, valid in the past, in space and in the farthest corners of the earth. Nothing can escape the male causal chain - and if it does, it would be filled with plausible assumptions, that there is always a superior and a subordinate - before or after.

We men are born with the gift and desire for the domination of the world, we would grasp everyone and would subdue him if he makes the mistake to run in our way. Thus we have to overcome our inner worlds, we create empires under our control, until we gain total control of all the guy in us. Only with the concentrated internal control, we can become one with the divine hierarchy around us, we have a chance to come closer in this incarnation to world domination.

The first step is to realise whom we want to dominate in this life span. Here you should not be too modest. Gone are the times in which a man tried to suppress only one woman and one family. The times are hectic and complicated.

At least you should choose to get a multi-family house or an entire street under your control. It consumes a some animalistic energy, but sacrifices are needed. Ergo, domination over a woman and children and at least a few secondary women and their children. Earlier rulers made easily more than a hundred children and a future world ruler should not necessarily fall short of that number.

A little ill-bred we see this trend in the contemporaries who repeatedly marry and divorce again. They have recognized the signs of time and instinctively seek dominion over more than a woman to obtain or at least leave as many children as possible behind. What is lacking is simply the mindfulness, the clarity and transparency about ones own motives and that is just the desire for the world domination.

We all know the situation. Impatiently we look a colleague over the shoulder and sigh instinctively, how slow, but this is more efficient, more productive! The same thing happens with the handling of world domination. We all got the talent in the cradle, but reign in private may only be a warm up exercise, but it is not efficient and the way to world domination is faster and better implemented with other methods., I want to characterize with the seven empires of the inner world.

By the way, our society has to learn a little to create the same starting opportunities for reaching the world domination. Someone from suburbs with social difficult background should experience the same opportunities to get near the launch button of mass destruction means as a red wine soaked upper-class kid who is followed by a well-paid cleaning team that tidy constantly up behind. This is simply a matter of dictatorial justice.

But this is a blog focused on esoteric topics. Views of the world outside are going to bore my inclined readers bored. We look inwards and find neatly in us the man prepared for the way to world domination. We all have already bitten our mothers as angry babies in the feeding body parts, if they dared to disconnect us before we were full. And we equipped ourselves with teeth!

And here begins the development of personal power. The struggle for food sources. We look within ourselves, we are looking for food. On the food comes a stamp. Visualize your possession right and recognize, who controls the food, already had some control. The first inner world empire is the food.

Then we come to the second world empire. Anyone who's in your imagination eating something is a person that has to serve you. 'Whose bread I eat, whose song I sing. " Visualize that people eat your bread on which your stamp is and they sing praises for you.

Empire three. All women for me! Visualize how people talk. They bow to the children down and say, quite the world ruler, oh such a similarity. Other men are very jealous but they sing from the previous exercise your praise. Think always, that Gilgamesh managed it similarly, he looked for women too, while he sent the men to work. Why the exhaust the brain when there are best practices?

Empire four, you will get in command. See you say, 'I do not want to be a World ruler, but if you call me. And then see yourself being called ..

Empire five. Inside yourself the world domination has begun, but a good dictator knows that food, women and world domination is not everything. Think of the space, the future and the past. For the male causal chain every chain must be closed. Start with the past. Visualize how all books are rewritten. Everywhere your part will be written, painted. You know everything, you have been everywhere and you are the reason of all. So the children will learn at school, who are all your daughters and sons.

Empire six, after you've changed the past, send monuments of you on the Moon, Mars, anywhere. Everywhere in the universe should we meet you so you can always justify that your reign came from the sky. Think of the change of history in point five.

Empire seven, the future. All people want to hear from you how the future. You know it of course. You're immortal and all people serve you. Should you die, then the little rascal around you will kindly seek your incarnation and bring your back on your throne.

So that would be the seven inner world empires and now men, have a lot of fun while reaching for the world domination. Girls we will come ......


Jena Isle said...

Ray, I don't know how to describe this post. It seems like me rules and women kowtows....(smiles) That's what I understand.

I thought we should walk side by side like partners???

Is power in men so intense that they won't be fulfilled unless they have "power" over a number of people? The methods you mentioned are ...well... valid, but still ...
He he he..here I am commenting when this is a post for men only...okay, okay, I'm leaving...

All the best.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, thank you for commenting. The post is tagged as satire and it exaggerates some part of the behaviour of men. Of course the content is not meant seriously.
To walk side by side like partner is a good concept, as long as you meet no one who wants to be in command always....Blessings

Anonymous said...

This offers a perspective that may stir debate. A person can choose to react or remain unaffected by opinion. The historic paintings will appeal to art historians.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear liara, it is likely that the post may stir a debate... The paintings have 'harem' as common denominator and it should visualize some wishes of men.Thank you for commenting

Jena Isle said...

Hi Ray, I find this topic a good read, so I submitted it to ENTREVIEW.COM so that others will get to read it too. Here is the link:


Happy blogging.