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Success is one of the words that have no match in reality. If a man or a woman were successfully in the past is that a guarantee for the future, can we say these people are successful?

Success is measured on a prediction. I want to do A, achieve A. If A would happen, then I am successful. But is this really an internal property that you can learn?
Someone will achieve what he plans because he can influence all the steps. Is it not rather a persistent pursuit of a plan which affects the success instead of success.

The economy can not afford to waste money and is honest. It operates risk management to ensure success. And a risk is an event which hadn't happened yet. The risk will be valued in money and multiplied by the likelihood of occurrence. Say coincidences are important.

I think there is neither success nor being successful. There is cause and effect and attention and intention.


Jena Isle said...

Success can be perceived several ways. What others see as successful may not be viewed as successful by others. Most people say they are a success if they succeed in their careers, but for me success can only be measured when I succeed with my goals within my family. As wise men say, " A successful career cannot compensate for failure in the family"

As for your not recognizing success because one can plan and be ready for it; there are still others who can't implement their plans no matter how they plan for it.

Thanks for that valuable and thought provoking input.

Happy blogging.

Dolly's Diary said...

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Ray Gratzner said...

Dear Jena, I think you have got a point with the family. To give all the love you can to your family is a challenge all people should face.
Maybe even that will sometimes not be enough..... Thank you for commenting.

dear dolly, How nice of you, to think of me....

Liara Covert said...

Another way to view success is as a state of mind. No matter where you or or what you do, you can always choose to do your best.