Turn off thoughts

Today I heard someone say, "the thoughts can not be turned off, that is not possible."

Imagine you would read this text increasingly slow and time and again, until a single letter - rrrrrrrrr - stuck in my head and I float with the sound - ddddddddddddd-. Would that be an inner monologue? And then the turn sound off. Calm. Ahh beautiful!

According to Goethe's 'Über allen Wipfeln ist Ruh ... '

In the whole brain

Is Silence

In the gray cortex

You feel

Hardly a sound

The people remain silent

peacefully calm

their burden gone

No thought is found

My tip

I have learned the shutdown of the thoughts in meditation. While observing the breathing continually and letting a heat column rise along the spine.

How did you learn it?


Jena Isle said...

Yes, I call it "pranayam" but not the very serious type - just simple breathing exercises.

Thanks for sharing.

Atniz said...

Mine is also trough meditation. But, don't go too deep in meditation without a master. I heard it is dangerous.

One of my cousin got too deep interest in meditation and lost his mind. Yeah.. he don't recognize anyone, even his own wife. But, he is normal now (it took more than 5 years to recover but not fully recovered).

Enreal said...

I have been trying to meditate for years... alright maybe only one year... the outcomes... the peace, tranquility, implications are all I desire... yet I can not... Someone once told me the key to meditation is hidden in the everyday. Is that true? Does meditation have to be performed by sitting in silence? My mind runs away and before I know it I fall asleep... I gave up a bit on meditation... I leave it all to my studies and thoughts...

I wish I could turn off the sound

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, You have many virtues. Thank you for visiting.

Dear atniz, I am sorry to hear that of your cousin. Are you sure he was quite healthy when he startet meditation?
Surely you are right, that the support of a master could be some sort of safe meditation.
On the other hand, why not heed your own inner master if you follow a path of love? You will find love whereever you go.

Dear enreal, I can't give you an advice. Instead I will give you an feedback. I feel from your words a searching soul looking for an answer maybe out of sorrow or pain? I feel an impulse to come to terms with that feelings and to let go.
I would trust in my way, and maybe I find my answers in the poems I write, in the pictures I paint or while doing with mindfulness the things I want to do.....