A spiritual practice is: to be aware of the things you do. How does the hand feel on the mouse which controls the cursor? How is it to read this post? Become aware of your legs, your arms, your whole body. Breathe deeply. You live. Do you sense your vitality? Why are you here, what is now your way?

Do you now drink a little? Enjoy consciously the taste, is the drink warm, hot? Touch the world with all your senses, feel the wealth of impressions surrounding you, touch the goods, press them.

If you experience consciously the world with all senses for a brief moment several times a day, you open yourself to the world, you will become more aware.


Jena Isle said...

I understand what you mean Ray, ..Life is not a race, one should stop "running" and smell the roses..." Sometimes we're too preoccupied andgo through life hurriedly. We "run" and seek the meaning of life only to realize we have missed our chance and life is gone.

Thanks for this reminder - A great post.

Kimmy said...

Take small steps, plant seeds, enjoy the journey.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena isle, yes you understood. Thank you for stopping by. Blessings Rainer

Dear kimmy, the journey should be enjoyed, if we could.... All the best