A friend tells, part two

"Time elapsed and I had almost forgotten the window of eternity, because my teacher let me investigate the topic of love. I should find out the difference between my love for a hamster in my childhood and my first friend in puberty. There would be an important insight for me if I occupied myself with the issue, as if one young man really could compete with my first hamster?"

I nodded understandingly, because I did not really an idea of a sensible response.
She looked at me thoughtfully while I nodded. "Did you have animals?"

I shook my head. "Be happy, then you probably had an easy puberty." I nodded without quite knowing why I nodded.

"Then without warning, my teacher choose the topic again."

"We are all caught in the idea of a progressive time. And because you will not escape from your prison, I will halt your time on earth. And just as she said that, I was unable to move and what was bright became dark. When time stands still, so does the light, nothing penetrates into your eye, which could shed a light on your surroundings. But I was still there, my awareness was still there and that very moment I understood what she wanted to show me. That our awareness, our soul, our spirit existed beyond time. Well, you realize what I will show you, she asked me, reaching me on a timeless level. "

"But the doubts still held me firmly trapped. What if I had a bag over my head would be in concrete and so on."

"We will now slowly increase the pace. It all started with a flicker, flare and fluoresce. The first rays of light reached my eye and it was like a deep dark night. Then slowly appeared recognizable schemes and everything around me was bright again. I noticed that I inhaled and that the breathing in lasted and never seemed to end. I was convinced I came back from one moment where the time had stopped. "

"When you were at the window to Eternity you had the opportunity to take this step on your own. You would have stopped the time and had noticed that you're in the timeless world, being able to move. So we will soon head again to the window to eternity to explore the eternity because who knows eternity, knows no borders ....."


Jena Isle said...

I know what you mean now, the spirit lives on in different forms of energy, But I'm being too presumptuous because I don't want to appear naive, ignorant and dumb.

But I would like to be honest, Okay Ray, kindly explain what exactly does this post mean? (smiles). In plain English as these all seem Greek to me. I may have interpreted it wrongly.

I would be thankful.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, there are many ways to unfold the abilities of the spirit. One way assumes, that we human beings own an energy body.
If we learn to get in contact with the consciousness of our energy body we can align the power of our spirit and our body.
One way to get in contact with your energybody is to use eternity, because it is always there. By perceiving eternity the bond between our body and our spirit will grow, become more consciously.
This will eventually start a chain reaction, that trigger events, which will change your life....
All the best