Indiscretion Luiza tagged me

Luiza tagged me and was tagged before by RUFUS.

The rules are:

  • Choose whose brain you want to pick.
  • Ask a question about what you always wanted to know from that person, never mind whether it may be indiscreet - so be cautious ;)
  • Tag (with a TrackBack) the person
  • Oh, yes, and of course answer the question that you were asked, more or less detailed

Why do I blog in English?

Dear Luiza ,

because of the reach of texts. At the moment there are between 1.5 times to 4 times more visitors to my English-speaking blog than to the German blog. In addition, many people around the globe visit English-language blogs.

While on my German blog Austrians, Swiss and Germans in particular comment, there are on the English-speaking blog people from the Philippines, UK, America, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Singapore, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the Netherlands, South Africa, Italy, Lithuania, Finland, France, Portugal, Romania, Brazil.

And I think it's great to get in contact with so many people from different cultures and perspectives and I really got in contact to wonderful people! The Internet is the stroke of luck of this millennium .......

My indiscreet questions to others are:

Dear enreal, did you ever wear one of these braces, while you were young?

Dear jena isle, did you ever wanted to be a man?

Dear fearless blog, did you ever make someone feel fear?

Dear robin, what would you do on your thousandth birtday?

I am curious now, and eager to read details......


Robin said...

Hi Ray - well I'd sit around a fire and drink champagne or red wine the same as I do now, I suppose.

Except by that stage maybe I won't know it's a thousand years because I will be living in the eternal present moment. Or maybe I will have taken up residence on a purple planet where years are measured differently! (and maybe it will be purple wine) I think I will be very happy - we all will be.

Thanks for the link!

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear robin you are welcome, and it sounds like a relaxing situation... All the best...

Jena Isle said...

Hi, Ray, my computer has some defects, every time I publish my comment it sends an error report, so it's only now that I was able to.
I'll pick this up in my working abroad blog.
Thanks for always thinking of me. I'm flattered, and I do appreciate it a lot.

Jena Isle said...

I'lI be posting this tonight at my Working Abroad blog -


Thanks for the honor.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, my top commenter, I do hope this bl..y computer will soon be fit again. He works for a very important person...All the best